European Providers Pick Option's CloudGate Intelligent M2M Gateway

By David Delony October 08, 2013

A number of European M2M providers have selected Option’s CloudGate, an intelligent M2M gateway, for their M2M offerings, building on its American success.

“With our CloudGate M2M solution our experience in Europe mirrored what we saw in the US: there is clearly a need in the market for a configurable M2M intelligent gateway. We developed a radically simplified solution. There's nothing else like it on the market. We're very pleased to have recruited these European partners," said Jan Callewart, CEO of the Leuven, Belgium-based firm.

These companies include Arcadiaz, Communica, Emcom, ime mobile solutions, I-Real, MCS, Misa, Round Solutions, SAIT, Smart M2M Solutions and Telos. These companies cited CloudGate’s advanced features and security as the reason they chose the platform. It’s designed for vertical markets such as digital signage.

The American released of CloudGate was well-received by a number of technical professionals in the M2M industry, leading to M2M operators picking it up on the European continent.

CloudGate bundles an intelligent 3G gateway with an open application development environment and a cloud-based provisioning service, which allows customers to deliver custom M2M applications.

"We found CloudGate to be the best value for money M2M intelligent gateway in the marketplace. Period,” said William Ingram, owner of the Swedish firm Communica.

Alf Mollerud, CTO at the Norwegian Emcom, was also impressed with CloudGate, citing its stability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

“We selected Option's CloudGate because it fulfills several needs in the market that nobody else is addressing,” he said. “Obviously, when we are talking M2M, everyone wants rock-solid equipment that is durable, capable and stable whatever you use it for. What really make CloudGate special are its flexibility and the ability to customize hardware options for projects, coupled with the unique way of thinking configuration and software deployment through the cloud service. The savings on support for the initial configurations alone sets this solution apart from all the rest."

Peter Haverkamp, operational director for the Dutch I-Real, appreciated CloudGate’s flexibility.

“For the many telemetry solutions I-Real can offer its customers there is a clear need for products that can be set-up on a modular way,” he said. He was also impressed with the quality relative to its price.

Edited by Alisen Downey

Contributing Writer

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