Telit's GE864-QUAD V2 M2M Module Selected for the GPRS FLEX

By Michael Guta October 24, 2013

Jamming devices are used to block the transmission of signals from one source to another. In theaters of war, jamming the GPS signal can jeopardize entire units by disorienting their position and leaving them vulnerable. In the civilian world, jamming technology is used to block cellular reception by considerate restaurant owners, as well as by criminals who disable the reception of alarm systems.

And, just like there is jamming technology, there is also anti-jamming technology. Mercosul Tecnologia, a developer of IT electronic devices, systems, tools, and service supplier for the IT segment, has announced it is using the Telit Communications' GE864-QUAD V2, a M2M module for its GPRS FLEX, a security system that transmits data from any alarm sensor over wireless mobile networks with anti-jamming capability.

The GPRS FLEX platform is designed to render cellular and signal jammers useless. As more security companies use wireless technology to monitor alarms, they leave themselves vulnerable to jamming attacks. The system in the GPRS FLEX is able to avoid jamming attempts by detecting the jamming signal and moving the electronic security system to a backup connection.

Using the Telit GE864-QUAD V2 module, Mercosul Tecnologia will be able to offer its customers a robust system with a very small profile. It provides quad-band GSM/GPRS 3GPP Release 4 that can be deployed virtually anywhere around the world with data rates of 48Kbps GPRS Class 10 supporting 9.6Kpbs Circuit Switch Data (CSD) transfers. This technology delivers connectivity in remote regions with poor reception or coverage.

"Mercosul Tecnologia was one the first LATAM companies to apply GPRS communication for security systems, and since 2005 we have used GSM modules from different manufacturers. Telit's modules are, without a doubt, the most reliable, stable, feature-rich and bug-free in the world market today," said José Adalberto Botezelli, Mercosul Tecnologia CTO and co-founder.

Some of the key benefits the Telit module provides include:

  • RUN AT Commands Remotely and Event Monitor services
  • PYTHON Script Interpreter - customers can run their Python applications directly inside the module
  • Premium FOTA (firmware over-the-air) Management - Easy firmware update by transmitting only a small delta file
  • Easy migration from previous Telit versions and short time-to-market
  • Suitable for the most critical environments (Group II, Category 1)
  • Enables integration into equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres

"The anti-jamming feature in Mercosul Tecnologia's GPRS FLEX is game-changing for this segment and a testament to the truly world class solutions developed in the LATAM market market. Telit is proud to provide the tools to enable Mercosul Tecnologia to develop such ideas and solutions,” said Ricardo Buranello, Telit Latin America director.

Edited by Alisen Downey

IoTevolutionworld Contributing Writer

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