Peel Smart Remote App Goes Big with Oscars

By Steve Anderson March 07, 2014

The smart remote app by itself isn't exactly a new thing; several such devices are currently on hand for iOS and Android devices alike. But the Peel smart remote app wants to prove it's a much different—and much more valuable—proposition than its competitors, something that it's doing pretty well. The device has not only made a big name in terms of total activations, but recently set a record for most commands given during the recent telecast of the Oscars.

Peel recently announced that not only has it cleared the 50 million activation mark—which by itself is quite an achievement as that represents double what the activation mark was just six months ago—but that it also broke a record for most commands total handled in one day. That particular mark, over 130 million total commands, came with the arrival of Oscar Sunday, which cleared the previous peak of 110 million commands handled.

That's a lot of commands going through, and provides quite a bit of support for the Peel platform, which in turn offers users a variety of services to work with. Users can receive viewing suggestions tailored individually to said user's taste via Peel, and then just tap the screen to bring that content up. But there's also plenty of appeal for advertisers here as well thanks to the “Peel-In” advertising system, which takes advantage of Peel's advanced control mechanisms to promote shows and products to the users in the midst of selecting content and setting up relevant alerts around the shows in question. Peel-In allows marketers to offer up complete campaigns around demographic points, including location, as well as exposure to certain TV commercials and based on the user's viewing behavior. Reports note that the click-through on ads involving Peel-In can exceed 20 percent—a staggering figure by most any measure—and can even give advertisers bonus reach via a user's connection with social media.

Peel's co-founder and chief product officer Bala Krishnan offered up some comment on the product line and the milestone it recently achieved, stating, “Reaching 50 million activations and 2.5 billion monthly remote commands are important milestones for our company. TV networks and brand advertisers have begun to recognize that Peel represents the connected and measurable future. What Nest is doing for thermostats, Peel is doing for TV remotes as part of the growing Internet of things.”

Given that the app is not only available on the Apple App Store but also on Google Play—reports note that the Samsung Galaxy S5, expected to sell over 100 million total units, will come pre-loaded with Peel—that's a pretty substantial install base to work with, and gives marketers using the Peel-In system an incredible potential reach. With television under increasing competition from online sources, being able to offer new alternatives in advertising will likely prove important in terms of keeping revenue coming into the system. Peel may have just the solution that advertisers were looking for, and that's a value that's hard to pass up.

Whether Peel will help give network television the shot in the arm it needs against online sources and the like, only time will tell. But this certainly looks like a vital new entry into the field, one that many users are already taking advantage of and one that many advertisers would likely have an interest in as well.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

Contributing IoTevolutionworld Writer

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