New Kii Dedicated Platform Gives Enterprises More Control Over Apps

By Michael Guta September 24, 2014

Businesses across many different industries are creating apps to allow employees, partners and customers to interact with the organization on their mobile device more efficiently without having to navigate a website. Being able to develop, run and maintain control over the app is an important feature because it allows businesses to manage their content, ensure security and meet regulatory compliances. Kii, an end-to-end mobile backend provider, has launched a dedicated platform to accelerate adoption of enterprise apps and connected devices giving businesses more flexibility.

With this dedicated platform, Kii delivers a solution that makes it possible for businesses to run backend capabilities for the applications they create and the connected devices within the organization’s network or as a hosted cloud service with Kii. Businesses are able to better serve customers and partners with customized dedicated deployment of their brand to maintain consistency, which is not always the case when the service is contracted out to third party vendors.

The Kii platform  provides managed multi-tenant and dedicated options with enterprise grade features and development tools such as cloud storage, push notifications, user management, analytics, A/B testing and user acquisition services. With all these features customers will be able to accelerate time to market by creating applications that will ensure connectivity with devices knowing the platform is secure with a compliant infrastructure  while providing administrators with control and data privacy.

Key features include:

  • Support for organizations with regulatory or policy guidelines that do not permit off-premises hosting
  • Support for businesses as they grow by offering speed, security and flexibility. Organizations can begin with a multi-tenant cloud and move to dedicated instances as they scale.
  • Environment isolation that ensures the platform resources are dedicated to a specific customer and not shared across customers, providing unparalleled scale, reliability and performance.

"Backend platforms are essential and easy to manage for developers. However, the adoption for enterprises seems to open Pandora's box on many fronts including control to protecting sensitive data, to maintaining compliance and security requirements," said Masanari Arai, CEO of Kii. "With our new dedicated platform, enterprise businesses now have the choice to pick the right deployment option that best fits their needs—multi-tenant, dedicated, or the combination of two—for their mobile and IoT initiatives, allowing them to focus on solving real business challenges."

Currently the platform is running on dedicated mode with some of the largest Kii enterprise customers, and based on the initial success of its trial run in Asia, the company decided to introduce it to the U.S. and other markets around the world. Kii serves more than 140 million end users with data centers in the U.S., China and Japan.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

IoTevolutionworld Contributing Writer

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