A Powerful Trio: PLC International, XmarteK and HiperPBX Talk M2M, VoIP at ITEXPO

By Carrie Majewski (née Schmelkin) January 27, 2015

When you think of some of the most powerful joint ventures out there, you might think about synergistic companies who have teamed together to mutually serve their markets, like Disney and Pixar or Google and Apple. But can you think of three companies that have put their heads together to create real market impact?

Well, this week ITEXPO participants are about to be introduced to a powerful trifecta. Over the past year, the following three companies have worked jointly to launch and refine a revolutionary M2M platform: PLC International, a world leader in engineering, automation, protection, control and communications for electrical transmission and distribution grids; XmarteK, a telecommunications, networking, IP convergence and security consultant expert; and HiperPBX Inc., a company that equips small and large companies with the necessary infrastructure required to optimize their communications and business processes.

The platform, the Rugged Smart Machine-to-Machine (RSM2M), is a universal interconnection platform enabling cloud and unified communications connectivity to industrial devices, thereby bridging the M2M world to the Internet of Things (IoT) network. Last year, RSM2M was awarded the ITEXPO Most Innovative Product accolade.

“Last year, RSM2M was a nice thing to show to ITEXPO attendees but this year, it has turned into a complete platform of solutions in what we will call the conversion between machine-to-machine and Internet telephony,” Juan Pablo Pazos, president of XmarteK, told IoTevolutionworld at Editor’s Day today.

The platform, which runs on PLC hardware and HiperPBX software, enables control, configuration and monitoring of industrial devices for network management, as well as information gathering, fault detection and alarm activation from local or remote sensors and locations. The three companies decided to leverage their respected areas of expertise to better bridge these two typically disparate worlds.

“We all understood that alone we could not do this work,” Gustavo Scheveloff, CEO of HiperPBX, said. “We needed people with knowledge, manufacturing devices with industrial protocols and channels to develop and go to market. We made this joint venture because we know about the software but we don’t have the experience with the hardware or getting these types of product out to market.”

In just one year the product has evolved considerably. As Carlos Huerta, president of PLC International, told IoTevolutionworld, “The initial product we had last year has been expanded to become a much more robust product. It’s completely industrial specific; it offers cloud, Zigbee and cellular connections; and we have real outputs relays and Opto Isolated Input.”

While at ITEXPO this week, the goal of the three companies is simple: spread the word about the RSM2M platform and explain the connectivity that can exist between the M2M and VoIP worlds.

According to Pazos, typically there have been companies selling telephony services and others selling M2M-enabled devices. But something has happened in the industry in that service providers are now seeing opportunities in the IoT and connected devices spaces in their ability to interconnect to these devices. As such, suddenly, bridging these two worlds becomes appealing to those in the worlds.

“Companies that can understand both worlds and be able to take advantage of them will have huge opportunity,” Pazos added.

Such will be the topic of an ITEXPO keynote panel taking place Thursday, Jan. 29, at 8:15 am titled “Integrating M2M and VoIP.” Pazos, Scheveloff and Huerta will be joined with fellow panelists including: Luciano Braverman, Microsoft Latin America; Fernando Herrera, Telefónica Global; and Gustavo Sorgente, Cisco.

The Thursday keynote will explore the notion of manufacturers, retailers and utilities working to integrate connectivity on their products and services and work with Internet addressable products to be able to compete globally and create new revenue opportunities. The discussion will continue upon the conversation of merging the worlds of VoIP and M2M to create new market opportunity for service providers.

“We are looking into being part of the process,” Pazos said. “It’s not a matter of having just IoT; it’s more about having a way where you create the monitoring and automation to enhance business processes, to make better living for human beings.”

“What we want to do is give the audience the chance to understand that it’s a convergence between those two worlds—Internet telephony and M2M—that is creating a multi- billion dollar opportunity for service providers. We also want to hear from the audience what is going on. There are a lot of misconceptions the IoT.” 

Everyone is talking about M2M and the IoT. If  you want to learn more about the strategies you can implement today, hear case studies and get insight from the leaders and innovators in this space, be sure to register and attend M2M Evolution Conference & Expo taking place January 27–30, 2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Stay in touch with everything happening at the event -- follow us on Twitter

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Director of Content Marketing, Content Boost

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