Pitney Bowes Introduces SmartLink, Adds Cloud

By Ken Briodagh July 20, 2016

Pitney Bowes, a global technology company that’s made major moves into IoT this year, has announced the launch of the SmartLink device, a solution designed to connect postage meters to the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud. This is far from the first such IoT service enhancement from the company in the last few months, as you can read here and hear here.

The SmartLink device will leverage a secure IoT platform to enable a host of online tools and services, according to the company’s announcement, including automated postage rate updates, low postage alerts, AutoInk technology, usage tracking and analytics, error notifications and simple self-help tutorials, all with 24/7 online account management features. 

“Enhancing our analog mailing systems currently in use today with the revolutionary digital solutions and applications in the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud creates significant new value for our clients,” said Mark Shearer, EVP and president, Global SMB Solutions, Pitney Bowes.  “Our small and medium businesses’ clients are burdened by [the] growing complexity of mailing and shipping and look to Pitney Bowes to help simplify and optimize their sending operations with valuable digital services. With the SmartLink device, our clients will enjoy having their meters always up to date, never out of ink and delivering greater value every day.”

Meters connected with the SmartLink device will receive low ink monitoring services and the ability to automate the process of purchasing ink via the Pitney Bowes AutoInk program. Usage analytics and automated ink replenishment deliver greater savings and improve operations.

“As a small business, any savings we can take advantage of for office supplies is great,” said Laura Interrant of Lotus Motorcars of Long Island.  “In addition, not having to remember when to reorder a supply and having it done for you is even better.”

For high-volume production mailers, Pitney Bowes created the Clarity solutions suite, a SaaS-based solution that helps users integrate and organize data in order to support real-time insight, predictive analytics and prescriptive maintenance.

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