CropX Debuts Smarter Soil Platform with Sensor and Satellite Connectivity

By Ken Briodagh May 01, 2018

In a recent release, CropX, an Ag analytics company, unveiled its latest soil intelligence platform, a combination of cloud-based Ag analytics software and advanced soil sensor technology.

CropX delivers the soil intelligence farmers need to increase crop yields and reduce water, fertilization and energy costs. Its soil sensors and intelligence platform are designed to integrate with irrigation systems and let farmers know when specific parts of a field need to be watered and how much water they need. The system can be controlled via smartphone, tablet or computer.

The new platform enhancements reportedly offer CropX customers:

A registration process that allows farmers to access data from sensors without mapping a field

The new ”Field Drawing” capability, which ensures the platform automatically knows important information about sensors and the soil it is in

Anomaly detection that alerts farmers when there might be a problem

Insights by individual sensors, fields or zones

The integration of weather data, including three-day ET forecasts

More control over how often sensors send data and who can access data

“CropX soil moisture sensors are super easy to install compared to others in the industry,” said Jason Rodgers of Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, SC. “In addition, the company’s tech support has been great, and the ability to view data allows us to make decisions quickly. CropX is pioneering soil intelligence technology.”

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