Senet and Digi-Key Partner to Bring LoRaWAN Resources to Bear on IoT Development

By Cynthia S. Artin July 23, 2018

IoT is a perfect challenge for developers given the intersection of the “built” and “virtual” worlds. While developers for over a decade have been tapping into Platform-as-a Service (PaaS) software-only domains, to snatch code and create mash-ups of digital services, when it comes to the IoT the physical components create new layers of complexities and requirements.

Senet, arguably one of the world’s more successful LoRaWAN providers (with a large network and presence in the US, where Senet is headquartered, and technical readines sin more than 80 countries), established a developer platform early in the history of long range, low power wide area networking, with a web-based portal providing tools to IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT) developers to use to design and roll out LoRa solutions.

Senet’s technology is instrumental in the commercialization of IoT as they are enabling service providers of many kinds to roll out services using their operating and billing system software (OSS/BSS), which has been appealing to start-ups (like SenRa in India) as well as established Communications Service Providers (CSPs) given that the traditional OSS/BSS systems have been incredibly expensive to buy and maintain, and given that those systems are a better fit for traditional services, vs. IoT.

The IoT edge is a lot different in its form factors and requirements than, say, connectivity to standard servers or mobile devices. The requirement for low power (and by extension low battery consumption) features changes the way connectivity works and services are charged for. IoT is not a huge consumer of data (at this point, pending more real time, continual polling) but IoT is a huge consumer of secure connectivity at a reasonable price given the scale of the number of endpoints in large deployments.

Earlier this month, Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, added Senet’s LoRaWAN developer tools and connectivity offerings to Internet of Things Resource Center.  Just as we have seen a trend towards cooperation between various “XaaS” companies in other arenas over the last decade, we are now seeing similar combinations and collaborations in the IoT space.

According to the companies’ news release, “The partnership simplifies the process for IoT application developers to access a full complement of Low Power Wide Area development kits, gateways, end sensor devices, connectivity services and other resources through a single online resource at”

“By providing easy access to qualified tools from trusted partners across the IoT ecosystem, we are continuously closing the gap in what can be a fragmented market," said Bruce Chatterley, CEO at Senet. “Our partnership with Digi-Key provides certified LoRaWAN components, a full suite of developer tools, and connectivity through a single point of access designed to shorten procurement and development cycles."

“Our customers demand the highest quality components and development tools for both prototyping and production deployments,” said Robbie Paul, Director, IoT Business Development at Digi-Key. “By partnering with a recognized market leader such as Senet to deliver LoRaWAN developer resources and connectivity services, we are able to confidently address the rapidly growing Low Power Wide Area segment of the IoT market.”

The partnership may be a leading indicator of the larger trend of electronics component distributors expanding beyond their traditional hardware sales models to provide access to rapid application development tools and network connectivity.

“This approach allows IoT application and solution developers to drastically shorten their development cycles knowing they are working with components, development tools and network connectivity that have been pre-qualified to be interoperable,” the announcement said, and that makes sense to us.

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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