Oracle Data Cloud Launches Yield Intelligence for Monetizing Inventory

By Chrissie Cluney February 26, 2019

Oracle Data Cloud has added their Moat Yield Intelligence to their lineup of features. This is a new offering of Oracle’s Moat Analytics, which assists publishers to ensure their advertising campaigns are viewable and that the campaigns avoid invalid traffic. The feature also assists in making sure that the campaigns are delivered in a brand safe environment.

Moat Yield Intelligence capabilities have been extensively tested through early implementation with key publishers. These publishers include Bloomberg Media Group, Bonnier Corp. and Vox Media. Using this new functionality, publishers have been able to protect media spend by reducing waste, optimizing yield and gaining greater control of their inventory.

“Publishers want to be able to demonstrate to advertisers that their inventory is viewable, fraud-free, and brand safe,” said Dave Constantino, head, publisher development, Oracle Data Cloud. “Moat Yield Intelligence functionality enables publishers to protect their advertisers’ media spend and can help to improve campaign performance while strengthening trust between publishers and advertisers to build proven and successful long-term relationships.”

The Moat Yield Intelligence feature provides a suite of targeting metrics that assist direct and programmatic sales efforts. This includes support for programmatic direct, sales via private marketplaces and market leading SSPs. The suite is comprised of view-ability thresholds that align with agency standards. The ability to customize those thresholds and unprecedented precision is through ad slot level targeting. Another feature is robust fraud interdiction, which uses Moat’s leading IVT measurement and analysis technology.

Lessons have originated from Oracle’s other anti-fraud acquisitions, such as Dyn, a DNS provider that helps detect abnormal traffic patterns on the web. Other lessons also come from ZenEdge, which is a leading cyber-security suite to detect botnets. Contextual brand safety uses the technology from Oracle’s Grapeshot acquisition. This analyzes and interprets the actual content of each page, not just the URL-level keywords.

“Managing yield effectively requires sophisticated data to maximize efficiency, digital revenues and ultimately drive stronger outcomes for advertisers,” said Derek Gatts, global head, advertising operations, Bloomberg Media Group. “Moat Yield Intelligence helps us reach our goal of maximizing the value of each impression, while also ensuring our partners run in a brand safe environment that is optimal for their unique needs.”

Chrissie Cluney has been a correspondent for IoT Evolution World since 2015. She holds a degree in English with a concentration in writing from the College of Saint Elizabeth.

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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