Smartfleet, Safefreight's Easy-to-use GPS Fleet Tracking System Deployed On The KORE Network

By Carolyn J Dawson August 16, 2010

Safefreight Technology, the official mobile security supplier for the IZOD IndyCar Series is partnering with KORE Telematic, to monitor the location and security status of each Indy car transport trailer and logistics support vehicle. As the world’s leading fully digital wireless network provider, KORE provides ubiquitous and reliable wireless coverage seamlessly across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico for this successful series.

Deployed on the KORE network, Smartfleet, Safefreights easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking system ensures increased productivity, low operating cost, improved operator safety and tracking of both powered and non-powered mobile equipment. The IZOD Indy series, a premier level of open-wheel racing in North America is using Smartfleet Pro’s web-based fleet intelligence virtual dashboard to monitor equipment operations, multi-bus engine diagnostics and driver behavior in real time. Also the analyses are reported back from each transporter via a secured KORE wireless network.

Curtis J. Serna, CEO of Safefreight Technology, believes that their customer depend on smartfleet solutions to make informed decisions about the status of their mobile equipment and KORE network provides the reliable link to transmit the information securely. Curtis further added, “For us, the KORE PRiSMPro business management portal provides intelligence on, and control of, all Safefreight devices, enabling us to easily manage subscriber accounts and activations customized for our service offerings.”

Dairy Farmers of America, the largest milk cooperative and other high-end retailers across North America are taking advantage of the Safefreight solution deployed on the KORE network for improved productivity, safety and security. Detailed information such as multi-zone temperature monitoring, door openings and aggressive driver acceleration, braking or turning can be transmitted by Smartfleet through the KORE network.

Alex Brisbourne, president and chief operating officer of KORE Telematics said “When tracking high-value items in transit, ubiquitous wireless coverage is the only way to ensure security without gaps in reporting.” He added that the KORE One Rate North American service option provides Safefreight customers with an affordable mobile tracking service and are looking forward to working together with Safefreight to bring forth richer customer applications and enhanced customer experience. KORE Telematics specializes in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and companies ranging from health care to fleet management, as well as government agencies, are implementing M2M solutions to achieve productivity gains, cost management, environmental improvement and to expand customer services.

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