SeeControl Announces OEM Industry Edition

By IoTEvolutionWorld News August 13, 2014

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – August 13th, 2014

SeeControl today announces OEM Industry Edition, a complete turnkey cloud infrastructure for manufacturing conglomerates and service providers to dominate industries with revenue generating Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services. OEM Industry Edition includes over 100 pre-built application templates and support for over 100 mixed sensor and device types. OEM Industry Edition will be available for hands-on demo today August 13th and also August 14th at the M2M Evolution Conference, Booth #637 in Las Vegas Nevada.

The edition is provided as a single, private-labeled cloud instance in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Softlayer. It can also be deployed on premise. It allows a SeeControl partner to manage millions of different devices, customers, users and applications in a single, scalable, secure and affordable infrastructure. Via the SeeControl architecture, it provides the economic ability to launch and offer end customers new applications on a free or  near-free trial basis. This empowers OEM partners and end customers to rapidly discover IoT ROI and validate user need, use cases, operational models and find sand product/market fit—granting industry leaders invaluable first mover advantage.

OEM Industry Edition provides all four capabilities required in an enterprise-grade IoT solution to launch novel revenue services and applications:

  1. CONNECT – Secure connectivity messaging layer with support for major IoT standards, device programming languages and network protocols
  2. BUILD – Rapid, drag-and-drop visual application development tools
  3. MANAGE – Centralized infrastructure to remotely monitor, manage, track, service and control mixed assets and products
  4. SUPPORT - Centralized application lifecycle management, user support, application troubleshooting, security, data analytics and billing API for massive populations of devices and users----all from a single console

OEM Industry Edition Deployed

OEM Industry Edition has been used extensively by major OEMs for over two years including HP and Fujitsu. HP sells a suite of data center asset tracking and facility sensing applications enabling them to acquire more customers and revenue across social networking, financial services, insurance and IT verticals. Fujitsu Network Communications offers a portfolio of supply chain sensing solutions incorporating pallet tracking, vehicle tracking, network equipment monitoring and vendor management across the telecommunications industry

"The Power of IoT is now. We are empowering partners to get to market in the fastest way possible, unlock customer value faster than ever before and then build repeatable revenue offerings”, states Bryan Kester, CEO of SeeControl

About SeeControl

SeeControl arms Solution Integrators with one of a kind cloud applications for the Industrial Internet. The IoT Cloud Platform organizes and makes sense of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) with no coding skills required. Fortune 500 customers ranging from ABB, HP, and Fujitsu, as well as IoT innovators entrust their solutions for monitoring hundreds of thousands of things around the world to SeeControl.

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Edited by Adam Brandt
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