Smart Auto Takes Step Forward with Consumer-Controlled Diagnostics

By Ken Briodagh April 13, 2015

SK Telecom in Seoul, South Korea on April 13 released a new M2M smart car solution to regulate and monitor a car’s onboard computer and sensors with a mobile app and smart transmitter, called the Smart Auto Scan.

The device plugs into the computer’s diagnostics port and provides detailed information about how the car is operating, what maintenance might be needed and what is working well. Specifically, it includes 157 different codes for ways that the car can break down, 51 types of driving record, and 19 types of sensor information. It also has recorded vehicle condition monitoring, eco-index, and black box software, using T-map traffic information and an eco-mode that can provide a real-time fuel efficiency ranking.

The Smart Auto Scan feature consists of an exclusive scanner and mobile application set. The driver can easily use it once he or she sets up the scanner on the On-board Diagnostics (OBD2) port, and downloads the application. The scanner can be set up in gasoline and diesel vehicles with OBD2.

This is a simple application of existing diagnostics hardware built into all cars now in order to make service easier by having the on-board computer monitor all the car’s systems. By tapping into that system and making it available to consumers via web app, SK Telecom has taken a big step toward getting cars connected to the grid, and, eventually, to each other. One car will be able to tell another one is about to have a mechanical failure and take appropriate defensive action.

A pretty sweet setup, and just reinforces the nation’s dedication to leading the world in M2M technology development. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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