Do Truckers Need to Update Their Cabs or their Trailers?

By Carl Ford December 15, 2015

Anyone driving on an interstate highway can get the impression that trucking is a consolidated business. A Duie Pyle, G.O.D. and Yellow Trucking are just a few of the brand name trucking companies we see on the road. The reality is that trucking is a very independent business with over $1.2 billion in goods transported over the roads in North America.

An estimated 16 million trucks are on the roads of North America annually, with more than 9 million people employed in the trucking industry. Almost half a million of these trucks are owner-operated while 700,000 trucking companies have between 2 and 20 trucks. Tractor trailer trucks represent only 2 million of these vehicles.

With so much of the trucking industry small and independent, retrofitting to support the Food Safety Modernization Act is the most likely strategy for carriers. Unlike regulation on electronic logging where compliance mostly can be accomplished by a smart phone or tablet monitoring the driver, FSMA requires information about the trailer and chain of control.

Connectivity either directly to cellular services or through a smart device to track security, location, and temperature are key factors that need to be tracked in the trailer.

Finding low cost solutions in the cold chain space is hard, because most solutions have embedded costs that require returns. The need for compliance without the cost of vehicle retrofitting suggests the best strategy is to focus on the goods transported rather than the trailer. These products can then keep costs low and maintain the chain of continuity.

Locustraxx Smarttraxx Go is one such product that matches the requirement to keep costs down and support cold chain implementations that meet government, customer, processor and consumer needs for food safety.

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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