Safely On the Road Again: Quantum Interface

By Chrissie Cluney December 30, 2015

At the upcoming 2016 CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, Quantum Interface will introduce two new products, the Automotive Heads up Display (HUD) and the Quantum Interface EyeZ.

The HUD device requires two pieces of hardware – an eye tracker and a thumb pad or sensory motion. The entire device allows the driver to look at an object and identify it. Then a body motion from the driver confirms what they are looking at and activates the vehicle. This allows the user to keep their eyes on the road.

There are three states of readiness for this device: the ready state, selected state and active state. These different states can automatically be selected with the user’s eyes. To activate each state the driver moves his or her eyes in the direction of the state they want and they don’t have to keep their eyesight on the state for very long. To activate it, the driver selects the state with their eyes and then touches the thumb pad.

“We will demonstrate how we are applying software and new technology—from gesture support and facial identification—to change how drivers and passengers interact with information and entertainment more safely, securely and enjoyably,” said Sachin Lawande, CEO, Quantum Interface.

The EyeZ device is a tracking device that uses a combination of the eyes and the body. The user’s eyes are used to locate and the body is used for control. The location of the cursor on this device is what the eye is looking at on the screen. If the user looks at an area that is not active, nothing happens. But, if the user moves their eyes to another area or object on the screen, the area or object can be controlled. The device gives the developer true access to the 3D space between the user and display. It understands the user’s intent.

The goal is to give the user a greater level of feedback. This device can be used for many technological uses such as turning the volume up or down on the radio or viewing MRI scans. These two devices from Quantum could be the future of interfacing with technology.

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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