MediaTek Seeks to Power Connected Driving with New Semiconductor Portfolio

By Ken Briodagh November 29, 2016

MediaTek, a global semiconductor manufacturer, has announced a comprehensive plan to bring holistic, fully integrated system solutions to the automotive industry beginning in the first quarter of 2017.

The market for connected and autonomous vehicles continues to grow, and the automotive industry needs new and developing IoT technologies that will enable power-efficiency, greater processing power with lower latency and affordability. MediaTek has said that it will leverage its expertise in chipset design for mobile, home entertainment, connectivity and IoT to bring innovative multimedia, connectivity and sensor solutions to the automotive industry.

“The demands of connected and autonomous vehicles require a unique portfolio of technologies,” said said JC Hsu, Corporate VP and GM, New Business Department Business Unit, MediaTek. “MediaTek’s core competencies create a natural progression for us to design for the future of driving. We have a strong technology portfolio generated from $10 billion in research and development investment over the past 12 years from modem and RF advancements, computing  technologies and connectivity to intelligent algorithms.”

The company is developing semiconductor solutions designed to make an impact on the automotive industry, focused on in-vehicle Infotainment, Telematics and safety ADAS, with the end goal of bringing autonomous driving closer to reality. The solutions for automobile manufacturers will cover four key areas:

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (Vision-based ADAS): MediaTek’s ADAS will feature a decentralized Vision Processing Unit (VPU) to optimally handle large amounts of real-time visual streaming data, using Machine Learning to increase the accuracy and speed of detection, recognition and tracking.
Precision Millimeter Wave (mmWave) Radar: High frequency RF and connectivity will enable mmWave radar solutions for automotive OEMs that need better object resolution and more precise detection. Residing in the high frequency band, mmWave radar can recognize targets accurately and is resistant to fog, rain, snow and other weather conditions.
In-Vehicle Infotainment: MediaTek has developed 2D and 3D processing technologies to ensure its application processors perform at the highest levels of efficiency and speed.
Enhanced Telematics: MediaTek Telematics is built to handle a variety of high-bandwidth information transfers and can support connectivity standards for Cellular 4G/3G/2G, Wi-Fi, BT/BLE.

“The complicated systems of tomorrow’s high-tech cars will require a high degree of integration, innovative power management and improved functionality to support both the highest level of safety demands and driving experiences consumers need,” said Hsu. “MediaTek will bring one integrated package of semiconductors to the market -- a holistic solution that is now lacking in the auto industry.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editorial Director

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