New Project to Measure Driver Behavior in US

By Ken Briodagh January 17, 2017

Pointer Telocation, a developer and operator of Fleet and Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions, recently announced that it has won a five year driver behavior project with an applicant of the American Transit Insurance Company (ATIC), the leading commercial insurance provider for for-hire vehicles in New York City.

The project will include 4,000 Black Car and Car Service vehicles servicing customers using popular app-based Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft. Installation is expected to be completed by February 2017.

The system integrates technology from Mobileye, a provider of vision-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), with Pointer’s Cellocater hardware and software technologies, which will add intelligent fleet management abilities and driver behavior analysis.

“We believe that the combination of Mobileye's advanced warning for collision prevention with our Cellocator driver behavior analysis, will be a highly effective tool in improving driver behavior and preventing accidents,” said David Mahlab, CEO, Pointer. “This is our first significant penetration into the US market using our SAAS (software as a service) model, which allows us to expand sales beyond our home-base territories of the combined hardware and software platforms. We see significant potential from this project and we believe that in the future this type of solution will become standard in every commercial vehicle in the United States.”

The IoT is perfect for making transportation safer, even without the discussions about automated cars. Connected Transportation solutions can work to improve road safety and conditions through good sensing and analytics with existing technology. 

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