AskMeNow Redesigns Mobile Information Access

By Anil Sharma April 02, 2008
AskMeNow has launched AskMeNow 3.0 Beta, an entirely redesigned service that gives consumers exactly what they want on their mobile device - instant answers.

AskMeNow 3.0 Beta leverages AskMeNow's natural language processing technology, its relationships with leading content providers, and an interface designed specifically for mobile phones to give users the best available mobile search experience.

AskMeNow 3.0 Beta users can now ask Wikipedia questions using the AskWiki natural language processing engine and receive an answer back instantaneously. Also included is a brand new local search offering which provides users free access to 411 data with the added benefit of maps, directions, and reviews

"AskMeNow 3.0 is the precursor to a new paradigm of mobile information access in which AskMeNow is poised to lead the way," AskMeNow CEO Darryl Cohen said.

"We've been providing AskMeNow users with mobile answers before our competitors even entered the space. AskMeNow 3.0 is the beginning of a yet another new innovative product line of AskMeNow solutions that provide unrivaled flexibility and access to information and entertainment on the mobile phone."


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