Prediction: Spending on Mobilization Solutions Will Not be Affected in 2009

By Anita B. December 11, 2008
Looking ahead at 2009, AirClic, a mobile applications provider has predicted an increased spending on mobilization solutions, despite the current economic climate. Based on a series of market and industry drivers, the projections including IT spending, prioritization of implementing mobile solutions and common missteps organizations make when considering mobile solutions.
A recent industry report titled "Outlook for 2009 IT Spending and Staffing Levels," brought out by Computer Economic in November 2008, indicates that while the overall budgets for 2009 will be flat at three percent (versus 3-5 % in 2008), the IT spending for operational efficiencies will rise by at least 5%.
‘Doing more with less’ will be the mantra for CIOs in 2009. They will continue their focus on creating distinctive solutions that are integral to the strategic execution of the business. For example, in a survey of CIOs, improving business processes is the number one imperative for the fourth straight year. A Gartner study titled "Making the Difference: The 2008 CIO Agenda" in January 2008 reveals that CIOs are putting additional pressure on IT to go beyond generic solutions to meet customers' needs and grow the business.
Recent research findings by the Aberdeen Group in a report entitled "Mobility in Today's Service Organization," indicate that mobilization solutions will continue to be a priority as part of 2009 budgets because of the ability to improve workforce productivity, business processes and agility.  Out of the 250 service professionals surveyed, 95% indicates mobility was extremely important to their business.
Despite the promise of mobilization solutions and prioritization as part of 2009 IT spending, there are a few common missteps that come in the way of organizations. One is choosing mobile technology with a lengthy implementation cycle. Forrester Research’s "Debunking IT Project Failure Myths" from July 2008 predicts that anywhere from 30 - 90 percent of projects fail due to budget overages and timeframe delays.  Implementing technology that is complicated or needs improvement and taking a non-customized approach are some of the other reasons.
This is where AirClic can reportedly help. Its patented AirClic MP5 platform aligns with organizations' business processes, workflows, and back-end systems and provides real-time 360 degree visibility into organizations' operations in the field helping to reduce costs, improve customer service and deliver the insights needed to make better business decisions.
"Many of the challenges that we focus on rectifying are the traditional challenges companies seek to address when implementing mobile technologies," said Tim Bradley, CEO, AirClic.
AirClic has been named to Deloitte's Fast 50 Program for Greater Philadelphia, a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies, for the second straight year. AirClic’s rapid growth in the last five years continues to set higher standards for mobilization solutions.

Anita B. is a contributing editor for IoTevolutionworld. To read more of Anita's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jessica Kostek

IoTevolutionworld Contributor

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