IoT Politics: New Report Explores Trump's Technology Policy Potential

By Ken Briodagh November 11, 2016

The United States has elected its new president, and many segments of the American political and economic landscape are eager to find out what President-elect Trump’s administration will mean for their industries. The IoT is no different.

In a new report, entitled “President-Elect Trump’s Positions on Technology and Innovation Policy,” the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) has outlined some of its predictions for how the next few years might shape up for the technological industries.

The report sets out to provide an overview of the technological goals that Trump outlined during the campaign about innovation and trade policy, and then looks into his policy positions on eight specific issues. We’re looking at the IoT items here. For the rest of the report, click here.  

The report says that the digital economy is an important part of the competitiveness and economic growth of the U.S. and the ITIF is calling for the federal government to enact policies that encourage advanced IT, and use a light touch on regulations on use, but be heavy-handed on cybercrime and online piracy.

The ITIF writes that because the Internet of Things is not about goods only, and includes what economists call network externalities, policymakers need to partner with the private sector.

In the paper, the ITIF calls for the Trump administration to advocate policies that will promote the adoption of IoT technologies for healthcare, AI, Connected Transportation and e-government. Meanwhile, the group says that the administration has to address cybersecurity, copyright, and digital trade in concrete ways.

So, with these recommendations in mind, the ITIF seems to be of the mind that the Trump White House will take a direct hand in technology policy. What do you think? Tell us in the comments on Twitter @KenBriodagh and @IoTEvolution.

Edited by Alicia Young

Editorial Director

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