QinetiQ Selects Velodyne to Enhance UGV Portfolio

By Maurice Nagle January 11, 2022

Sometimes it seems our national defense strategy is a function of science fiction. Remember, Reagan and Star Wars. What was once an arms race is a sprint toward innovation, today, with technology providing the advantage on the battlefield.

Real-time surround view Lidar provider Velodyne announced a partnership with defense and security company QinetiQ, with Velodyne sensors providing mapping and perception capabilities for the QinetiQ unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) portfolio.

 “This sales agreement with Velodyne gives QinetiQ a competitive edge when delivering our autonomous system by providing strategic insight into their technological roadmap,” said Jon Hastie, Director UMS Programs, QinetiQ. “In addition, the operational aspects will help us meet on-time delivery schedules and pass along cost efficiencies to the customer.”

The QinetiQ suite of UGVs ranges from 5-50,000lbs, spanning a wide spectrum of operational missions. Most importantly, each allows operators to remain at a safe distance – whether that’s route clearance, explosive ordnance disposal or myriad other scenarios.  

“With its mission-led approach, QinetiQ is a proven developer of cutting-edge solutions. We are proud that our lidar technology is playing an important role in helping the U.S. Department of Defense advance their autonomous capabilities with new unmanned vehicles,” said Laura Wrisley, Vice President, North America Sales, Velodyne Lidar.

We’re not quite ready to fire up our lightsabers or warm up X-wings. But, innovation in areas such as Lidar and unmanned vehicles is protecting our military while these brave men and women protect us. 

Edited by Luke Bellos
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