Speaking with Smart Vehicles: SoundHound AI and Togg Deliver Refreshing Experiences for Drivers and Passengers

By: Alex Passett    8/29/2023

Togg's smart vehicle technology is now bolstered by SoundHound AI's fully branded AI voice assistant, accessible through natural human speech.

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Creating Smarter ADAS Solutions for EVs: Horizon Robotics is Partnering with Aptiv PLC and Wind River for Chinese Markets

By: Alex Passett    8/28/2023

Horizon Robotics, Aptiv PLC and Wind River are partnering to jointly promote the development of smarter Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for …

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Beep and Oxa Break New Ground for Autonomous Vehicle Deployment in the US

By: Alex Passett    8/24/2023

Autonomous vehicle technology companies Beep and Oxa have partnered to advance testing and deployment operations on a national scale.

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The Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners is Now Joined by Siemens to Further 5G EV Infrastructure Projects

By: Alex Passett    8/15/2023

The Curiosity Lab within the smart city ecosystem of Georgia's Peachtree Corners announced that Siemens has joined its ranks. Siemens charging station…

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Racing Towards Innovation: Trend Micro Named an Official Partner of the NEOM McLaren Formula E Team

By: Alex Passett    7/27/2023

Global cybersecurity company Trend Micro has been named an Official Partner of the NEOM McLaren Formula E Team.

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An EV Battery for All Seasons: Innovation from Argonne National Laboratory

By: Alex Passett    7/21/2023

For lithium-ion batteries for all seasons (including frigid, sub-zero temps), the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory innovated vi…

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A Wise Shift in Strategy: Wise Systems and IntelliShift Partner on End-to-End Fleet Intelligence

By: Alex Passett    7/17/2023

Wise Systems and IntelliShift recently announced their partnership, as well as a jointly integrated solution to deliver state-of-the-art, end-to-end f…

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Calling All LiDAR Developers: RoboSense Joins NVIDIA Omniverse Ecosystem to Improve Sensor Simulations

By: Alex Passett    7/13/2023

RoboSense has joined the NVIDIA Omniverse ecosystem. By integrating its second-generation smart solid-state LiDAR model into NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, RoboSen…

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Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft Partner on Integrating ChatGPT into Vehicles

By: Alex Passett    7/11/2023

Mercedes-Benz integrated ChatGPT through Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service, leveraging both enterprise-grade cloud capabilities and a trusted AI platfo…

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The Software-Defined Vehicle: Wind River and Samsung to Accelerate IVI and ADAS Developments

By: Alex Passett    6/27/2023

Wind River Systems and Samsung Electronics ' System LSI business struck a new partnership to accelerate software-defined vehicle advancements.

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A Leap in Electric Potential: Elywhere and Pratexo are Strengthening EV Charging Stations

By: Alex Passett    6/21/2023

Elywhere's innovative electric vehicle charging stations are getting a big boost from Pratexo's advanced edge-to-cloud solutions.

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Terranet Advances ADAS Technology with Successful BlincVision Testing for Enhanced Road Safety

By: Alex Passett    6/16/2023

The initial prototype of Terranet's laser scanner (as part of its BlincVision anti-collision ADAS system) has undergone successful testing in a contro…

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Improved LiDAR Sensor Testing for Autonomous Vehicles via Keysight's LTS

By: Alex Passett    6/7/2023

The Keysight Technologies E8717A Lidar Target Simulator is a compact, IoT-friendly, automated benchtop solution that enables automakers and LiDAR sens…

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The Enterprise Autonomy Suite 9.0: Cyngn's Autonomous Vehicle Fleet Management

By: Alex Passett    6/7/2023

Cyngn has made available its Enterprise Autonomy Suite 9.0 for vehicle fleet teams and managers. EAS 9.0 works with existing workflows and makes auton…

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Knights in Shining IoT Armor: Knightscope Secures New Contracts for its New Autonomous Security Robots

By: Alex Passett    6/5/2023

Autonomous security robots (ASRs) and other blue light emergency services and subscriptions provider Knightscope has received two new ASR contracts in…

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Volvo Group's EV Safety App with AR Technology for First Responders

By: Alex Passett    5/26/2023

Volvo Group has developed and launched its augmented reality (AR) safety app for electric trucks and like electric vehicles (EVs), specifically for re…

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RoboSense Launches Innovative RS-Fusion-P6 LiDAR Perception Solution for Level 4 Autonomous Driving

By: Alex Passett    3/14/2023

Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems provider RoboSense announced the launch of its first automotive-grade, solid-state LiDAR perception solution for Level 4 au…

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Ford Reinvests in Automated Driving Technology by Establishing Latitude AI

By: Alex Passett    3/10/2023

With its new Latitude AI team focused on hands-free, eyes-off-the-road driver assistance technology, Ford expands its portfolio as it takes into-the-f…

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VEN.AI Consortium Meshes 3 Competencies for Innovative Automated Parking Solutions

By: Greg Tavarez    2/2/2023

Three companies form the VEN.AI consortium to be the go-to solution provider for production ready parking automation with global roll out capabilities…

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AVIVA Chipset Delivers High Speed In-Vehicle Connectivity

By: Greg Tavarez    1/31/2023

AVIVA's ASA-based chipset delivers an aggregate throughput of more than 64 Gigabits per second.

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