AEye's Adaptive LiDAR Platform Dubbed a Game-Changer

By Greg Tavarez October 14, 2022

Safety and visibility go hand-in-hand when it relates to moving through any physical environment. Walking, bicycling, driving… they all rely on visibility for safe travel. Most newer vehicles have cameras and other sensors to increase visibility and awareness, but there are limitations when weather and darkness come into play. Even in optimal conditions, there are accuracy variances between different sensors, which can be critical in vehicle applications, in particular.

LiDAR overcomes those accuracy and environmental conditions limitations; it measures the exact distance to an object with higher resolution to increase reliability and safety for a wide range of sensor applications. AEye’s LiDAR platform, the 4Sight Intelligent Sensing Platform, will see an average intersection and an average highway in a new light.

AEye was evaluated and recognized for its 4Sight Intelligent Sensing Platform, ultimately winning the Traffic Technology Company of the Year award by AutoTech Breakthrough.

AEye’s 4Sight platform, with its sensor-based operating system, enables AEye’s patented bistatic architecture to separate transmit and receive channels. 4Sight is a configurable LiDAR platform used to deliver optimized solutions across many markets, including Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Due to its adaptability and ability to integrate with software-based traffic systems, 4Sight is a one-stop sensor for ITS applications such as automated multi-lane tolling, highway incident detection, wrong-way driver detection, crew safety, smart intersections and pedestrian traffic management.

“We chose AEye because of its novel adaptive LiDAR, which we believe is transformative in helping transportation agencies improve traffic flow and increase road safety,” said Bryan Vaughn, managing director of AutoTech Breakthrough Awards. “AEye’s LiDAR is providing cities and states the speed and accuracy needed to solve their most pressing traffic and transportation issues.”

4Sight allows for more accurate, timely and reliable vision as compared to camera or radar-only systems. It also narrows the field of focus to capture pertinent information that empowers AI to better locate, identify and track objects. In addition, users can customize detection capabilities and performance modes according to the use case.

“Today, when governments are investing at record levels in physical and digital infrastructure that will define the future of transportation, it is paramount that they build on leading-edge technologies, such as 4Sight,” said Brent Blanchard, AEye’s general manager of industrial markets.

Blanchard went on to say that adaptive LiDAR is a game-changer and will drive the adoption of LiDAR across all markets. This will result in safer mobility for all.

Edited by Erik Linask
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