Velodyne Unveils Vella, its New Family of LiDAR Software Offerings

By Alex Passett December 30, 2022

In 2005, Silicon Valley-based company Velodyne produced real-time 3D LiDAR that helped pave the road for self-driving vehicles and the autonomous industry. Fast-forward to this month, December 2022, when Velodyne officially announced the beta launch of its Vella ecosystem, its new family of LiDAR software products.

Through its new hub for Vella software offerings (aptly named the Vella Portal), customers interested in learning about and acquiring Velodyne technologies and Velodyne upgrades can easily do so. Said software offerings include Vella Go, Vella Perception, and Vella Cloud Services.

The Vella Portal provides a secure account management system with access to all of Velodyne’s Vella offerings. Customer service and other support information can be located there, as well.

Vella Go is a set of sensor configuration tools for out-of-the-box integration. It features plug-and-play capabilities for harnessing Velodyne LiDAR sensors, easy diagnostics and troubleshooting, firmware updates and LiDAR drivers. Additionally available is Vella Go Premium, which enhances Vella Go with more LiDAR calibration and point cloud stitching tools.

Vella Perception allows users to upload and translate point cloud data into actionable information for autonomous systems. Vella Perception streamlines implementation, enables 3D object detection, obstacle-free detection and scene segmentation. Vella Perception supports multiple operational environments and domains.

Vella Cloud Services enables scalable, agile and low-cost AI-based object detection and object classification via Vella Perception’s capabilities. This allows users robust LiDAR sensor management and processing services at cloud scale.

New and current Velodyne customers can receive a free evaluation to get started by calling Velodyne Sales at [email protected] or by calling (669) 275-2526.

Edited by Erik Linask
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