VEN.AI Consortium Meshes 3 Competencies for Innovative Automated Parking Solutions

By Greg Tavarez February 02, 2023

Automated parking is a must in making mobility more convenient as it minimizes the amount of time and effort required to park and retrieve a vehicle. That said, new automated parking solutions require more innovation, and three companies are forming the VEN.AI consortium to be the go-to solution provider for production ready parking automation with global roll out capabilities.

NTT DATA is a global digital business and IT services provider, Valeo is a technology company and partner to all automakers and new mobility players, and Embotech is a software scale-up for autonomous driving systems. The consortium combines each company’s core competencies including owned IP, the latest technology, sales and support structure and strong operations offerings.

“With innovations from NTT DATA including advances in Edge computing, network monitoring and advanced connectivity, VEN.AI will make mobility much easier and energy efficient for consumers, car manufacturers and more,” said Prasoon Saxena, president of manufacturing, NTT DATA.

Safety is a key component of VEN.AI. The latest technological innovations include the use of cameras, light detection, low-latency connectivity and sensors. Valeo, known for its ADAS sensors, is responsible for supplying the necessary technology to make the parking system function properly. The sensors supplied are used to detect and locate cars in the parking area.

The system is designed to fulfill the requirements and standards on safety and availability and has building components that include Embotech PRODRIVER. The SAE L4 virtual driver is designed to provide flexible, human-like driving. This is a key enabler of automated driving in busy logistics areas with mixed traffic as well as parking in tight spaces, increasing the space efficiency.

“Having precise perception is key to ensuring vehicles are safely and efficiently parked,” said Marc Vrecko, president, Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group, Valeo.

VEN.AI is integrating the parking automation solution, which includes 24/7 support, within global production systems, adding automated charging for electric vehicles and using internal onboard sensors to improve efficiency and flexibility in large parking areas.

In its initial phase, VEN.AI is focused on manufacturing-specific use cases to help car manufacturers increase the efficiency of their assembly lines by automatically guiding vehicles from one production station to another. From there, it drives the vehicle from the end of the assembly line to its dedicated spot on the large launch areas.

The outcome: a more efficient assembly line, saving time and money.

“VEN.AI proves that autonomous driving, when employed in the proper context, has an immediate business case with the potential to disrupt the future of automotive manufacturing and distribution,” said Andreas Kyrtatos, CEO of Embotech.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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