The Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners is Now Joined by Siemens to Further 5G EV Infrastructure Projects

By Alex Passett August 15, 2023

The Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners – and Peachtree Corners, as a whole – are both fascinating.

I’ve yet to visit Peachtree Corners, myself. (Though trust me, I’d like to.) It’s a city nestled in Georgia’s Gwinnett County, part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Basically the living “smart city blueprint” for the U.S., Peachtree Corners has:

  • A live 5G wireless environment with next-gen connectivity that is provided to companies testing IoT/smart technologies
  • A zero-charge policy for the use of its smart city ecosystem; plus, officials move fast (much like at a startup), given the city government is the only agency that enterprises must coordinate with for developing, testing, and deploying new devices and services
  • Achieved NIST certification at the highest level of cybersecurity that is currently available

Moreover, the Curiosity Lab is basically a 5G-enabled “living laboratory,” of sorts; a real-world testing environment without the usual corporate or governmental roadblocks, located in the 500-acre Technology Park that features a three-mile public autonomous and advanced vehicle (AV) roadway leveraging cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technologies. Installed smart city solutions that the Curiosity Lab has overseen include AV+EV shuttles, LiDAR, Bosch cameras, 5G traffic signals, intelligent street lights, smart pedestrian crosswalks, video surveillance, and a dedicated fiber optic system (plus dedicated short-range communications), all to power IoT and citizen convenience.

The long story short here? There are many eyes – and for great reasons – on Peachtree Corners.

Recently, one such pair of eyes, so to speak, has been Siemens.

And that’s precisely why Peachtree Corners has announced that Siemens has officially joined the Curiosity Lab to support new 5G electrification endeavors. Siemens’ own American-built charging stations and infrastructure will be installed at Curiosity Lab, leveraging T-Mobile's 5G network as the company continues to evolve its EV charging initiatives.

"As one of the leading smart cities in the United States,” said Brian Johnson, the City Manager of Peachtree Corners, “we are always looking towards the future. Right now, the electrification of America is well on its way, and here in Peachtree Corners we are proud to be embracing this technology further with Siemens joining our Curiosity Lab ecosystem. As a global leader in this space, we’re honored to have Siemens' continuous support for our city's adoption of this technology. Thus, expanding Siemens’ charging infrastructure at Curiosity Lab only strengthens that ongoing support. Together with Siemens, T-Mobile's 5G and our real-world environment, we will be able to continue to improve EV infrastructure for a positive impact towards the future of the electrification of America."

Also excited was John DeBoer, Head of Siemens eMobility, North America.

“With our eMobility R&D headquarters just across the street,” DeBoer explained, “we're thrilled to be supporting Peachtree Corners and joining the Curiosity Lab ecosystem alongside so many great partners whose goals are to bring EV infrastructure to the forefront of cities across the country. With our community charging their vehicles each day right where we live and work, this will be a great way to continuously evaluate our charging infrastructure as we collectively seek an electrified future."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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