Beep and Oxa Break New Ground for Autonomous Vehicle Deployment in the US

By Alex Passett August 24, 2023

Let’s talk Beep, Oxa, and their shared announcement made earlier this morning:

Beep is an “Autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service” provider that offers turnkey mobility solutions for both public and private users and communities. It delivers safe, reliable, and stress-free autonomous transportation; this reduces carbon emissions, improves road safety, and more. Through careful planning, deployment and management of its autonomous shuttles, Beep provides first-mile and last-mile answers to challenges our communities, campuses, and transit agencies face.

Oxa (formerly Oxbotica) is also an autonomous vehicle company; software and related services, specifically. Founded on a vision to build software that enables any vehicle to be self-driving – anywhere, and at any time. Oxa builds self-driving offerings to unlock the benefits of what it calls “Universal Autonomy” for vehicles; reduced costs, increased efficiency, and self-driving applications that change the way goods (and people) move so organizations can benefit, in terms of safer and more successful operations. This has been Oxa’s M.O. since 2015 and, with a team more than 300 workers strong, is working to accelerate transitions to self-driving tech.

Now, their announcement.

Beep and Oxa are officially partnering to deploy additional vehicles – driven by Oxa’s self-driving software product “Oxa Driver” – as Beep continues to advance its testing and operations on a national scale. (And notably, this also marks Oxa’s entry into the U.S. market (Oxa is based in the U.K.)

With a strategic collab underway, Oxa’s “Universal Autonomy” software will be installed in a variety of vehicle types operated by Beep; current passenger shuttles and future vehicle platforms alike. (Two of Beep’s shuttles featuring Oxa software will operate at the recently opened SunTrax Test Facility in Auburndale, Florida – i.e. the first location in the U.S. designed specifically for connected autonomous vehicle support, as well as standard automotive testing, all on one site.

“We’re delighted to partner with Oxa to bring new and enhanced electric, autonomous vehicles to market as we continue to expand our testing and our business across the United States,” said Joe Moye, Beep’s CEO. “Oxa’s self-driving software, integrated with our command center and service management software, provides a sophisticated autonomous solution that will enhance our passenger experience and operational capabilities, making more accessible, true autonomous use cases a near-term reality. Safe, shared autonomous transportation promises a major impact on traffic congestion, road safety and the environment, and we’re pleased to have a partner who shares these priorities and values in Oxa.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Beep to deploy our unique autonomy solution to enable safe, secure and efficient passenger transportation in the United States,” said Gavin Jackson, Oxa’s CEO. “This marks a significant step forward for Oxa and the future of self-driving technology. Through partnering with Beep, we have the potential to drive several thousand vehicles over the coming years to make Oxa software the most widely utilized AV platform on the planet.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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