Creating Smarter ADAS Solutions for EVs: Horizon Robotics is Partnering with Aptiv PLC and Wind River for Chinese Markets

By Alex Passett August 28, 2023

Since its inception back in the summer of 2015, Horizon Robotics – provider of energy-efficient solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), key Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD) for consumer vehicles – has offered products and services that enable an open ecosystem for accelerating modern-age transformations of smarter EVs. Horizon Robotics is committed to enhancing next-gen experiences for drivers; its teams of processor architects, data scientists, experts in both hardware and software, system engineers, compiler specialists, application developers and more are consistently do-si-doing with cutting-edge technologies to innovate. To boot, Horizon Robotics often achieves this with a variety of forward-thinking partner organizations.

That’s the driver (pun intended) of this news:

A new partnership.

Horizon Robotics recently formed an official strategic partnership with Aptiv PLC and its subsidiary Wind River. Aptiv PLC develops solutions that help consumers transition to software-defined EVs in order to “attain a richer understandings of the fundamental technologies that are shaping a safer, greener, and more connected future of mobility.” Wind River Studio operates similarly; its cloud-native platform is geared towards more developing, deploying, operating and servicing sustainable, mission-critical intelligent edge systems in automotive, as well as in aerospace and defense, telecommunications, energy, medical, and plenty of other industries.

Thus, this trio-creating partnership makes a lot of sense. Together, the partners expect to focus on the automotive industry in China to provide EV drivers and passengers with newly integrated solutions for safer transportation; this includes Aptiv’s forward-facing smart cameras, centralized multi-domain controllers, and automated parking features.

From the official Horizon Robotics + Aptiv PLC + Wind River press release:

“Under the agreement, Horizon Robotics will work with Aptiv PLC and Wind River to develop fully integrated hardware and software solutions tailored for civil automakers in China. Horizon's self-developed Journey series computing solutions will be very well-complemented by Wind River's portfolio, including the VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS), Wind River’s Helix Virtualization Platform, Wind River Linux and Wind River Studio, all to power the next generation of software-defined vehicles (SDVs).”

In China and in other spaces abroad, the idea of a more enjoyable “third living space” is becoming more achievable; a “mobility-centric life” beyond the home and office for consumers. Better ADAS and AD in EVs, namely, power this.

Echoing this was Dr. Yu Kai, CEO of Horizon Robotics.

“The automotive industry in China is reshaping itself at an incredible pace,” Dr. Yu Kai said. “It can continue to rely on Horizon's energy-efficient computing solutions for the era of smart vehicles, as well as how we foster  open collaboration with partners across the industry. That’s why we’re honored to cooperate strategically with Aptiv and Wind River. Together, we look forward to delivering exceptional value to Chinese automakers, with hardware and software solutions built to achieve the level of safety, security and convenience our consumers ask for.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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