Speaking with Smart Vehicles: SoundHound AI and Togg Deliver Refreshing Experiences for Drivers and Passengers

By Alex Passett August 29, 2023

Let’s talk about AI voice technologies, for a moment.

Artificial intelligence used for speech-related use cases abounds, and it’s essentially only becoming more prevalent as months tick by. Many instances of this AI are able to generate human-like speech, and many, many more are trained on how to best receive and process human speech. Then, the speech is used for a cornucopia of wide-ranging applications; virtual assistants, audiobooks, customer service in retail, marketing plays, even for video games and fintech and etcetera. (I say “and etcetera” because there are already too many to succinctly count.)

That said, AI voice technologies basically boil down to machine-learning models trained on large datasets of human speech. And just as I often say “Connectivity is the lifeblood of IoT,” how AI is trained is also what brings it to life, respectively. How we train AI really matters; we’re talking about an ideal diversity in designated datasets, responsible team synergy in creating its data-driven capabilities, and the scope of future developments, i.e. how [A] or [B] example of AI is ultimately purposed.

It feels like everyone has their hands in the AI pot, as of late, and now voice AI provider SoundHound AI, Inc. has announced its own advanced AI tech. With it comes edge-to-cloud connectivity and multiple unique language capabilities, as well as a new, custom-branded voice assistant. (Specifically, in 25 different languages.)

Moreover, this AI-powered voice assistant is an in-vehicle innovation, as SoundHound has taken it live in a new line of smart vehicles from Turkish mobility provider, Togg.

Togg takes pride in building “more than just a car.” Togg allows for smart configuration so drivers can customize their experiences. Togg’s user-centered product ecosystem is an interconnected one, designing vehicles as “a third living space” type of journey for users. (And a smartly built one, at that.)

Thus, it makes a ton of sense as to why SoundHound AI and Togg would collaborate.

As a result of this collab, users will have the ability to control their smart vehicles by simply speaking naturally – as they would to another person. Made possible through SoundHound’s extensive library of content domains, Togg users can use their voice commands to play music, lock doors, open trunks, change the temps, toggle lights, and access info about local charging stations and their vehicles’ battery ranges.

“It’s exciting to be involved in a project like this, working at the very cutting edge of the future of mobility,” said Keyvan Mohajer, CEO at SoundHound. “Our technology works in synergy with the tech-forward components of Togg’s vehicles to provide drivers and their passengers with an effortless, entertaining, and safe way to control the in-car experience.”

Read here for more information.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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