Sonatus Gives Drivers and Fleet Managers Customizable Experiences with New Solution

By Greg Tavarez January 23, 2024

A growing number of drivers expect their cars to adapt to their individual preferences and driving styles, according to a survey commissioned by Sonatus. The study found that 83% of respondents believe automated profile personalization should be standard in all vehicles, not just the luxury segment.

The desire for personalization also goes beyond mere interest. At least four in five drivers want (and many even need) these features in their next car. To get them, more than half would opt to switch brands or choose a higher-level trim.

Seeking to create dynamic and continuously evolving in-vehicle user experiences, the automotive industry is fast-tracking its shift toward software-defined vehicles, or SDVs. Sonatus addresses this demand with its Vehicle Personalization Solution.

The cost-effective yet technologically advanced tool allows automakers to democratize personalization features. This also lets customers tailor their car's settings and driving experience across all vehicle segments, not just luxury models as in the past.

The solution leverages an SDK consisting of Sonatus Automator, APIs and comprehensive documentation. OEMs can create routines that adjust driver preferences instantaneously – from tweaking drive modes and seat positions to setting ambient lighting – based on individual profiles or contextual factors like highway driving, nighttime conditions or rainy weather.

OEMs are also equipped with the ability to create cloud, in-vehicle infotainment and smartphone applications that let end users ranging from individual owners to fleet managers define customized routines to automate everything from cabin ambiance and drivetrain settings to sophisticated interactions with smart homes and IoT devices.

“The automotive industry is looking to software to rapidly build novel experiences tailored to individual users,” said Jeff Chou, CEO and co-founder of Sonatus. “The Sonatus Vehicle Personalization Solution goes one step further, empowering drivers and fleet managers to create the vehicle experiences they prefer, while providing OEMs with capabilities that build positive brand affinity across a wide range of vehicle price points.”

The solution will be available for production use in Q1 2024 and builds on the deployment of the Sonatus Vehicle Platform in over 1 million vehicles to date.

Edited by Alex Passett
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