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Dave Ginsburg

Founder, ThiraSystems

Dave Ginsburg is a lifelong technophile and author with background in IP, ATM and Wireless. The founder of the marketing consultancy ThiraSystems, Dave has built, deployed and pitched networks at organizations as diverse as the US Army, Nortel, Alcatel, Cisco, Riverstone, and InnoPath for both wireline and mobile operators. A technology junkie and futurist, Dave believes in the transformational power of technology and is the prototypical power user / early adopter and both iPad and Blackberry addict. Dave lives in Silicon Valley with his wife, two kids who think physical media is hopelessly outdated and a British Labrador Retriever. There, they can all wallow in technology, fine wines, and gourmet foods, sometimes at the same time. ThiraSystems is derived from the ancient name for the Greek island of Santorini, a place he fell in love with over two decades ago.


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