Trimble UX5 Captures Machu Picchu

By: Special Guest    3/10/2016

In the fall of 2014, Trimble launched its UX5 Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), along with its Trimble Business Center and Inpho UASMaster processing so…

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Surveying a Mountain Highway with UAS

By: Special Guest    12/4/2015

In the steep canyons of the Republic of Macedonia - a landlocked Balkan nation of mountains, lakes and ancient towns - international construction comp…

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Amazon Reveals Prime Air Drone in Thanksgiving Surprise

By: Ken Briodagh    12/1/2015

Amazon's Prime Air program is really leading the way in development for the autonomous, commercial drone industry, so the announcement of the new prot…

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AirMap Partners with Drone Manufacturers DJI And 3DR

By: Ken Briodagh    11/18/2015

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or drone, industry is growing like gangbusters, both in terms of revenue and in scope of interest. New applications…

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Multicopter Warehouse Joins Drone Zone 360 as a Diamond Sponsor

By: IoT Evolution World News    11/17/2015

Tier 1 distributor for Major UAS Manufacturers of Multicopters, Parts & Accessories to Join Florida Event

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A Day in the Life of an Expert UAS User in New Zealand

By: Special Guest    11/13/2015

Several years ago, Chris McFadzean, owner/operator of Epiphany Mapping, took the plunge and purchased a UAS (unmanned aircraft system). The move opene…

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DJI Unveils Manifold PC for Drones

By: Joe Rizzo    11/3/2015

On November 2, 2015, DJI launched a PC for drones called the DJI Manifold. This is a small embedded computer that is optimized for building applicatio…

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FAA to Require UAV Registration, Convenes Task Force

By: Ken Briodagh    10/28/2015

The drone market is already heavily regulated, almost to the point of impossibility if you ask some folks. Well, thanks to a recent announcement, it l…

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New Paper Drone Gives Users a Bird's Eye View

By: Ken Briodagh    10/15/2015

Today, PowerUp Toys announced a new drone that will prove that whether or not drones are serious business, they can be serious fun.

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DroneDefender Offers Clear Skies and Difficulty for Drone Users

By: Ken Briodagh    10/15/2015

Drone defense company Battelle is offering the paranoid and privacy-conscious a solution to all their doomsday fears.

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Panel on Drones Urges Industry to Address the Gaps

By: Paula Bernier    8/19/2015

You've probably seen a drone on TV, or maybe at a trade show. Perhaps you even own one. But these devices are still not all that widespread. In the no…

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Tech Upload: DJI Brings Phantom Drone to IoT Evolution Expo

By: Ken Briodagh    8/17/2015

IoT Evolution Expo is chock-full of leading edge technology, across dozens of IoT verticals, and in this column, I'll be bringing you some of my favor…

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Drones be Crazy: Are they Doomed?

By: Ken Briodagh    8/5/2015

Amateur avionics hobbyists are so into UAVs, or drones, that it's almost becoming cliche to see a flock of these rotor-driven fun platforms over every…

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Ultrathin Sandwiches Help UAVs Lose Weight

By: Ken Briodagh    7/15/2015

The heavier a bit of flying tech is, the harder it has to work to fly. This creates a number of problems, including power drain, range and diminished …

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New Drone System Fits In Your Pocket

By: Ken Briodagh    5/13/2015

In the cutest IoT-related news this week, Rochester, New York-based Axis Drones has announced a brand-new compact quadcopter and controller that liter…

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Amazon's Drones are Back and They're Better than Ever

By: Ken Briodagh    5/6/2015

Amazon's drone delivery program is back on track, thanks to a new approval by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulators. The program had been p…

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Agricultural Insurance is a -- Wait for it -- Risky Business.

By: Ken Briodagh    4/23/2015

To help alleviate the risks, ADM Crop Risk Services (ADM CRS) applied for permission from the FAA to fly drones over insured fields to check for damag…

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Airware Releases New OS for Commercial Drones and GE Signs On

By: Ken Briodagh    4/17/2015

Airware on April 16 released its Aerial Information Platform (AIP), which is an operating system for commercial drones. It combines controllers for ha…

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Shep the Drone Proves Able Mechanical Sheepdog

By: Steve Anderson    4/6/2015

While we've all heard recently about how robots are about to take our jobs-everything from robot arms to bionic ants are poised to replace the factory…

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South Korea Pledges Huge Investment to IoT and Connected Transport

By: Ken Briodagh    3/25/2015

South Korea on March 25 announced that it will invest the equivalent of $5 billion by 2020 into growing the nations IoT industry, with almost $1 billi…

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