The IoT Opportunity: Near Real-Time Analytics from Edge to Cloud

By Special Guest
Chrissie Cluney, Correspondent
November 03, 2015

Intel and SAP have come together to make the IoT easier to navigate.

According to “The IoT Opportunity: Near Real-Time Analytics from Edge to Cloud”, created by both companies, they deliver an end-to-end IoT solution providing insight based on near-real-time data. They are also creating an IoT solution that securely and seamlessly ingests data from the Intel IoT Gateway into the SAP SQL Anywhere database and moves that information into the SAP HANA cloud on a near-real-time basis to deliver actionable insights. Analytics and processing at the edge could well be the future of IoT data management, and the leaders in the industry will be attending and speaking at the upcoming IoT Evolution Fog, Analytics & Data Conference, to be held January 25 in Ft. Lauderdale. 

“Customers want to connect the devices that they learned in the past and the new century based alerts that can be generated from the newer technologies that may have been in provisioning or including in their environments,” said Irfran Kahn, CTO, Global Customer Operations, SAP.

The Intel Gateway manages sensor data, connects existing devices, and creates new applications to bring all of the systems together. Pre-integrated hardware and software building blocks allow the developer to scale through security, manageability, and connectivity capabilities. The SAP SQL Anywhere database is a comprehensive suite of solutions that provides data management and synchronization technologies that enable the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications in embedded, SaaS, remote and mobile environments.

There are two main products in the SQL Anywhere family. The SQL Anywhere is for enterprise and ISV applications deployed in server, remote office and mobile environments. The SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition, is for ISVs deploying SaaS applications. SAP HANA cloud platform is an open platform-as-a-service providing unique in-memory database and business application services.

"What’s unique about Intel and SAP, together, we’re creating an en-to-end IoT solution that securely and seamlessly ingests data from the Intel IoT Gateway into the SAP’s Anywhere database and moves that into the Hana cloud on a near real-time basis to deliver actionable insights,” said Bridget Karlin, Director, IoT Strategies and Technologies, Intel.

It’s time to get real-time.   

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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