Rubicon Labs Announces Security Platform for Cloud Data

By Ken Briodagh February 11, 2016

Rubicon Labs, a developer of advanced secure data protection and identity technologies for cloud-based data center applications and the IoT, has introduced TLS Armor, a hardware security platform designed to protect the execution of high-value cryptographic SSL/TLS keys in untrusted data centers.

The new product is built upon the company’s “Zero Knowledge” platform, but is an enhancement because it couples device-level software and hardware at the semiconductor level. This, the company said, will safeguard the keys that clients and servers depend on for negotiating secure connections. Those keys are transformed into values that are invisible to an attacker and never known but still usable by the CPU when wrapped with Rubicon’s Zero-Knowledge keys. When deployed in the data center, it can be used to establish secure identity and key exchanges for IoT devices through an optional software upgrade. A Rubicon Labs-based IoT key exchange executes over 3,000 times faster than an equivalent RSA 2048 bit TLS handshake.

“With cybercriminals on the prowl as never before, there is an urgent need for an entirely new generation of massively scalable and immediately available secure communications technology, unburdened by past processes and protocols,” said Dave Lundgren, CEO, Rubicon Labs

Experts increasingly agree that a new approach to accelerated authentication must withhold critical information from attackable memory in order to keep it inaccessible to would-be malicious players.

“TLS Armor is a secure hardware execution environment for high value cryptographic keys executing in the cloud, and was designed to protect the digital assets that form the foundation of a secure web,” said Rod Schultz, VP, Products, Rubicon Labs. “Unfortunately, we can no longer assume cloud-based servers are executing in a secure environment, which is why TLS Armor was designed to prevent a would-be attacker from gaining complete control of the CPU.”

Many folks are saying that the key to good security lies in building it into the hardware. I can’t agree enough. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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