SAP Expands HANA Cloud Offerings

By Ken Briodagh May 12, 2016

With its arms already elbow deep in the IoT data management world, SAP is reaching for even more of the goodies, judging by the SAPHANA expansion announcement this week.

The company said it is focusing on a “things to outcome” strategy and, to that end, the new features are designed to help clients capture the real value from IoT executions by connecting the things to the enterprise. That will, SAP says, provide better insight and lead to proactive action toward outcomes that customers want.

“SAP is helping customers map their journeys through digital transformation, and the IoT has the potential to drive the largest segment of growth in new business value,” said Tanja Rueckert, EVP, LoB Digital Assets and IoT, SAP. “We offer the right solution infrastructure and are committed to building the strongest, most comprehensive ecosystem for the IoT in the industry.”

The new IoT offerings from SAP include: remote data synchronization that seeks to guarantee data consistency between the edge database and the platform database; dynamic tiering as a tool to manage multitier database storage according to the value of the data with the aim of lowering costs in Big Data scenarios; SAP HANA Vora which uses an in-memory computing engine for Hadoop to improve analytics; and the IoT SIM management connector for SAP HANA, which allows cellular IoT device connectivity management with a user interface based on the SAP Fiori user experience.

The company also announced several partnerships that are leveraging the new offerings, including an execution with Dell that’s designed to address IoT operational challenges like business continuity, equipment effectiveness, maintenance costs and return on assets. With Hitachi, SAP plans to build customized, industry-specific IoT solutions for smart manufacturing, smart city, transportation and logistics.

Looks like sharing the IoT pie is going to mean more pie for everyone. And that’s good.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editorial Director

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