Open Wide: Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry Debuts Barcelona

By Cynthia S. Artin October 04, 2017

EdgeX Foundry, which launched its open source project and community focused on building a framework for simplifying interoperability for IoT ecosystem players, is demonstrating announcing  "Barcelona," its first major code release, at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. 

With more than 60 members now contributing concepts and code, EdgeX Foundry has set a table of endless tapas which can be enjoyed in any number of combinations, inviting enterprises to enjoy an easier time in designing, engineering, implementing and managing their connected things initiatives.

EdgeX Foundry continues to move at light speed, with the addition of Samsung as Platinum member (announced last month) and the release of a detailed roadmap only six months after assembling an interesting range of members, from start-ups to tech giants like Dell, which had a major role in igniting the idea for the framework approach. 

“We believe that EdgeX will radically change how businesses develop and deploy IIoT solutions, and we are excited to see the community rally together to support it,” said Philip DesAutels, senior director, IoT, The Linux Foundation, in the press release distributed earlier today. “Barcelona is a significant milestone that showcases the commercial viability of EdgeX and the impact that it will have on the global Industrial IoT landscape.”

It's no secret that the promise of IoT - to loosely quote Carl Sagan, the "billions and billions" of endpoints - has failed to fully materialize since the IoT gold rush began ramping up ten years ago. Today there are literally hundreds of "platforms" - thousands of "sensors" - tens of thousands of proof-of-concepts - but not as many full scaled deployments. 

IoT is hard. Like any emerging technology, there is a lot of fragmentation, a lot of working capital being thrown into the ring, competing standards, and in fact layers of competing standards when it comes to the full stack. Many large companies one would think would have billion dollar businesses in IoT today continue to stand on the sidelines waiting to see how things are going to shake out before making the bigger bets that will make this hyperconnected world of things we imagine a pervasive reality. 

In typical neutral and no-holds-barred fashion, The Linux Foundation is guiding EdgeX Foundry towards an "open interoperability framework hosted within a full hardware- and OS-agnostic reference software platform to enable an ecosystem of plug-and-play components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates the deployment of IoT solutions."

Key features on the technical roadmap for this release include:

  • Stabilization of key APIs
  • Better code quality, fit and finish
  • More than double the test coverage across EdgeX microservices
  • Addition of reference Device Services supporting BACNet, Modbus, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), MQTT, SNMP and Fischertechnik
  • Extra “north side” Export Service interfaces that provide connectors to Azure IoT Suite and Google IoT Core as well as support for connections via MQTTS and HTTPS
  • Progress towards the definition of unified APIs for security and system management

This week's big reveal is just the first of many. Roadmaps are being updated twice a year with goals including helping members commercialize their solutions by making them more easily interoperable, defining improved performance, accelerating start up times, and evolution of Go Lang and C-based implementations of certain EdgeX microservices. 

EdgeX Foundry today also announced Thales eSecurity, a leader in advanced data security solutions and services, joined as a Silver member.

“The Industrial Internet of Things needs consistent and high quality security standards in order to thrive,” said Jon Greater, CTO, Thales eSecurity. “We are glad to be deepening our involvement with the Linux Foundation by joining EdgeX Foundry to work openly with industry partners to create a reliable and security-capable stack for IoT devices.”

EdgeX Foundry’s next major release, “California”, is targeted for Spring 2018. Surfs up as "riding the pipe" (the IP pipe) takes on new meaning.

Galeal Zino, Founder of NetFoundry, said "The Barcelona release continues the great progress of the EdgeX platform. We are demonstrating our connected car and identity secured networking solutions with fellow EdgeX Foundry members at the EdgeX booth,  showing how multiple members have come together to build full stack IoT solutions." NetFoundry recently announced its Multicloud AppWAN service, enabling businesses to spin up secure, high-performance networks over the Internet, connecting IT and IoT applications across any set of networks and clouds, including AWS, Azure, Bluemix and Google Cloud, without requiring private circuits, VPNs or custom hardware. 

Edited by Ken Briodagh

Contributing Writer

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