IoT Evolution Expo Faculty Speaks: Chuck Byers of Cisco on Fog Computing

By Ken Briodagh December 20, 2017

The IoT Evolution Expo is coming up fast, and we interviewed our speaking faculty to get a bit of a preview of what to expect from the conference.

Here, we spoke to Chuck Byers, Principal Engineer and Platform Architect with the Cisco Corporate Strategic Innovation Group, who will be a featured speaker in several sessions throughout the week of education, including:

Enabling Fog: Viewpoints from Pioneers and Practitioners in Fog

The Technology of Fog Computing: Architectural Overview & Security Considerations

Finding the Answers at the Edge

IoT Use Cases Which Need Fog

Read on for his thoughts:

IoT Evolution: What will be some key points you plan to hit in your session(s)?
Chuck Byers: I will emphasize the value of fog/edge computing in IoT networks, and architectures for implementing it. I will also look into various key attributes of IoT networks, including latency, security, bandwidth efficiency, management and orchestration.

IoTE: What new insights can attendees expect to take home from your sessions(s)?
CB: IoT is exploding, and cloud-based networks are often inadequate for managing their complexities and performance requirements. The IoT global network must evolve

IoTE: Can you identify a few important trends influencing your sector of the IoT which will shape the path of the industry? Why these?
•           Fog computing to localize compute, networking, storage, and provide a hierarchy of high performance fog nodes

•           Security: The addition of actuators in IoT systems allows the direct control of the physical world, and without excellent security, hacks and breaches could be catastrophic

•           Horizontal architectures: Architectures optimized for specific applications or vertical markets will give way to more generalized architectures because applications will increasingly straddle multiple verticals

•           Advanced management, orchestration and automation: If there are going to be tens of billions of IoT endpoints in the near future, their configuration and operation must be automated to prevent a service meltdown

•           Distributed analytics: Analyzing the data streams using traditional compute resources and accelerators close to the sensors

•           Open standards: IoT networks will demand standards based approaches to their protocols, architectures, and operations to give users choice between vendors, and facilitate interoperability

IoTE: What are the biggest challenges facing the IoT? What are some important tools needed to overcome them?
CB: Security is probably the biggest challenge. Advanced cryptography techniques, and eventually distributed legers like blockchain are going to be key

IoTE: Which vertical markets have the most to gain from IoT implementation? Which are leading and which are still behind the adoption curve?
CB: Smart cities, smart transportation, smart factories, smart grids, and agriculture are probably at the forefront. Education, healthcare, and the public sector are probably lagging a bit.

IoTE: What session(s) (other than yours) are you most looking forward to attending at the Expo? Why?
CB: Blockchain related sessions, and keynotes from Verizon, ARM and Cisco. I think these represent some of the most pioneering thinking on the program.

To join Chuck and all our other speakers at the IoT Evolution Expo, January 22 to 25 at the Disney Contemporary Resort in Orlando, Florida, click here to register now.

Ken Briodagh is a writer and editor with more than a decade of experience under his belt. He is in love with technology and if he had his druthers would beta test everything from shoe phones to flying cars.

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