Fuse Enhances Tactical Edge IoT Solutions as AWS Partner

By Greg Tavarez September 22, 2022

Warfighters face challenging situations daily as conflicts abroad and natural disasters worldwide are rising. Warfighter-focused engineering and design firm Fuse believes U.S. Department of Defense communications and network solutions are disconnected from the mission requirements of users at the tactical edge.

Focused on solving the need for innovative, functional communications, networking and computing solutions at the tactical edge, Fuse joined the Amazon Web Services Partner Network as a hardware provider.

"Military devices and sensors require greater interconnectivity, particularly at the tactical edge; enhancing their ability to operate and talk to each other is paramount for battlefield advantage," said Sumner Lee, Fuse CEO.

APN and Fuse customers, with CORE, gain the ability to create an IoT solution at the tactical edge for ground, air and sea platforms. CORE is a flexible and minimized size, weight and power networking solution that reliably connects airplanes, ground vehicles and ships with ground operations across secure and unclassified networks in rugged conditions.

As an APN member, Fuse’s ruggedized virtualized networking system is qualified to run the AWS IoT Greengrass solution. AWS IoT Greengrass is an IoT open-source edge runtime and cloud service for building, deploying and managing intelligent device software. AWS IoT Greengrass lets customers build intelligent device software more easily.

The service enables local processing, messaging, data management and machine learning inference, and offers prebuilt components to accelerate application development. AWS IoT Greengrass also provides a secure way to seamlessly connect edge devices to any AWS service as well as to third-party services.

Once software development is complete, AWS IoT Greengrass enables users to remotely manage and operate software on their devices in the field without needing a firmware update.

"Combining AWS services with the innovative CORE design will be a force multiplier to the viability of an IoT solution in austere and challenging environments," said Lee.

Fuse's support of the AWS IoT Greengrass solution with CORE and access to APN will help develop future enhanced solutions in the tactical edge.

Edited by Erik Linask

IoTevolutionworld Editor

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Fuse Enhances Tactical Edge IoT Solutions as AWS Partner

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