On-Ramp Relaunches as Ingenu, Releases Nationwide M2M Network


On-Ramp Wireless on September 9 announced it will relaunch and rebrand as Ingenu, described in the announcement as “Simply Genius.” The new company will incorporate the existing Random Phase Multiple Access technology and networks, and will also begin building the “Machine Network” to be the first nationwide M2M and IoT connectivity network.

“On-Ramp’s proven technology, extensive global deployments and strong customer partnerships define the significance of the Ingenu brand,” said John Horn, CEO, Ingenu. “Combined with a demonstrated leadership team of wireless industry professionals, we are ready to take the IoT market to a whole new level leveraging the power of RPMA technology.”

The Machine Network is based on the RPMA tech that has been deployed in private networks around the globe. This new initiative is designed to make those RPMA capabilities available to the public, giving anyone who uses IoT applications access to reliable, cost-effective connectivity.

The company says that cellular networks will not be able to meet IoT’s demand as data requirements continue to grow. The machine network uses universally available spectrum to offer unparalleled range, coverage and capacity with extremely low power requirements.

The build out of the Machine Network is currently in progress, with more than 50,000 square miles already covered within the United States. In January 2016, Phoenix and Dallas will be among the first cities connected via the Machine Network. The network build is expected to take until the end of 2017.

“Ingenu is changing the way machines are connected,” said Horn. “We offer unprecedented network longevity because we control the technology. We are not beholden to technology sunsetting as is the case with cellular 2G networks. The power of the Machine Network lies in its RPMA technology, which will drive secure M2M and IoT connectivity with superior coverage and capacity at a greater value than alternative solutions.”

John Horn, CEO of Formerly On-Ramp, now Ingenu, was a keynote speaker at the recent IoT EVolution Expo in Las Vegas. Watch his speech here. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

Editorial Director

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