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Google and the Future of Machine Learning and AI at the IoT Evolution Expo

By: Ken Briodagh    12/18/2018

We spoke to Ricardo Prada, UX Director at Google, and upcoming keynoter at the IoT Evolution Expo, about his session on the future of Machine Learning…

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Nearing the Start of a New Year, Cybeats Closes on $3M in Funding

By: Arti Loftus    12/18/2018

Cybeats, a cybersecurity company protecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices, announced this week it has raised $3 million to expand their team in Tor…

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Processing the Impact of Qualcomm

By: Carl Ford    12/18/2018

Qualcomm's release of the 9205 chip is a reduction in size to half of the 9206 chip and reduces power consumption by 70 percent. As for processing, it…

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IoT in Health Podcast S.1 Ep.8 Healthy Nevada Project

By: Ken Briodagh    12/13/2018

On this episode of the monthly IoT in Health Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Jim Metcalf, Chief Data Scientist, Healthy Nevada Project, to talk a…

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Capitalize on the Promise of IoT Automation by Mastering the Basics

By: Special Guest    12/13/2018

According to Bsquare's IoT Maturity Index, there are five stages commonly associated with IIoT technology adoption.

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The Ever-Changing IoT Standards Landscape: What Will 2019 Hold?

By: Cynthia S. Artin    12/12/2018

IoT Analytics earlier this year published two comprehensive market report updates on IoT Platforms, including a 193-page report titled IoT Platforms M…

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Avnet to Acquire Softweb Solutions

By: Ken Briodagh    12/12/2018

Avnet adds Software and Artificial Intelligence to Ecosystem and Bolsters IoT Capabilities

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Gloucester Innovation Partners with Sigfox U.S.A. on Ocean Data Collection

By: Ken Briodagh    12/12/2018

Gloucester Innovation has chosen Sigfox U.S.A.'s Low Power Wide Area IoT Network to collect data from the ocean floor

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Inventory on Track as Iguazio and Trax Partner with Google Cloud

By: Cynthia S. Artin    12/11/2018

This week at Kubecon in Seattle, Iguazio announced it is partnering with Google Cloud to bring real time AI to retail inventory management.

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Productivity at the Cost of Privacy: HR Weighs in on IoT

By: Special Guest    12/11/2018

IoT applications capture data from the object aggregating that information across a data network, and act on that information in order to improve busi…

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Webinar to Address IoT Best Practices

By: Paula Bernier    12/10/2018

On Dec. 13, Cyient will present a free webinar called "Shuffling the Deck: How IoT Fits into Your Organization."

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PubNub Takes On The Cyberbully

By: Arti Loftus    12/10/2018

Thriving online gaming communities have been built over the years but, with online gaming comes many risks that other online activities carry. One of …

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Siemens Software to Create Change in A Kinder, Gentler Way

By: Cynthia S. Artin    12/7/2018

Siemens recently brought together several hundred technologists to share some updates about the evolution of its work in AI and the rise of autonomous…

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US Congress Debating IoT Assessment Bill

By: Ken Briodagh    12/7/2018

A bill recently passed the US House, and is now in the Senate, that will direct the Secretary of Commerce to conduct a study and submit to Congress a …

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Ericsson to Upgrade Networks in Paraguay and Honduras

By: Ken Briodagh    12/7/2018

Ericsson has been selected by Millicom's TIGO to modernize its radio access network (RAN) across Paraguay and Honduras in a multi-year deal involving …

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IoT Time Podcast S.3 Ep.45 Canonical and Small Robot

By: Ken Briodagh    12/6/2018

On this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Tom Canning of Canonical, and Ben Scott-Robinson of Small Robot, to talk about OS for…

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Kudelski Group and Pepper IoT Announce Joint Initiative to Protect Consumer Data

By: Ken Briodagh    12/5/2018

The Kudelski Group and Pepper IoT have launched a long-term collaboration to protect IoT service providers and retailers from cybersecurity risks and …

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Internet of Things: How Devices Are Evolving

By: Special Guest    12/5/2018

Our world is being transformed by smart devices. If you have been entrenched in tech news at all recently then you have no doubt heard of the term Int…

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As IoT Becomes a Real Time Sport One Company Turns the Network Inside Out

By: Cynthia S. Artin    12/5/2018

The real value in the IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT) is not being created by simple applications that occasionally ping devices for basic information, …

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The (Literal) Launch of New Satellite IoT Services Has Begun

By: Doug Mohney    12/5/2018

In the past two weeks, SpaceX and ISRO have put 95 new satellites into orbit. India's PSLV launch on November 29, 2018 carried 31 satellites to orbit …

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