IoT Editor's Day Silicon Valley: IIoT Meet Mobile, You Two Should Talk


As the projections and prognostications balloon in regards to the Internet of Things (IoT), one area garnering attention is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This future of billions of connected devices worth trillions of dollars is certainly exciting, but how do we get from here to there—more succinctly put, innovation is amazing but today adoption is still a hurdle.

Waygum, a mobile platform for the industrial Internet of Things, is attacking this gargantuan opportunity with a simple yet effective strategy: apps. Apps are something with which we are all conceptually familiar, and I don’t know about you but my smartphone goes everywhere I do. Waygum CEO and Founder Sundar Krish exclaimed during Editor’s Day Silicon Valley, “We want to disrupt the IIoT with mobile.”

Mobility is a prevalent trend in the enterprise, but digging into an industry like manufacturing an easily accessible app through one’s smartphone to manage machinery and operations can prove invaluable. Krish referred to the smartphone as a “computer in your pocket…that opens a world of opportunity.” He continued to explain that while many view mobile as a given, this is not always the reality.

The platform delivers the “last mile mobile layer,” providing the platform and connecting the dots for end users Waygum opens the door to machine learning, more efficient workflows, scalability and speed.

Krish sees mobile as something very much underutilized, and Waygum is the only platform focused entirely on leveraging mobile in the IIoT. The platform serving as the backbone, Waygum lined up several partnerships to support the heavy app play. The future is bright.

The two-year-old, venture-funded startup is aimed at empowering industrial workers via connecting machine and smartphone. The Waygum platform connects a firm’s devices, systems and smartphones to machines. The downloadable app is free to use to start, and leveraging the freemium model, Krish and his team plan to provide what he calls “user-ready apps” for a particular ecosystem.

Already having received notoriety from Frost & Sullivan as well as Cisco, and gaining attention from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, its ready-made apps make it possible to partner and deploy quickly—connecting a smartphone to a machine is no easy task, but they certainly make it appear so.

Krish illustrated, “Mobile has changed everything we do. We want to disrupt that multi-million dollar industry.”

IIoT, meet the smartphone. This could be the beginning of something special. Stay tuned to Waygum, as I have little doubt this pioneering startup is here to stay and may have gotten here just in time to disrupt what could end up being a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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