Smart Thermometer to Help Women Struggling with Fertility


Fertility issues are a very sensitive topic for men and women across the globe that are trying to get pregnant and just cannot. The issue becomes more serious as women age and the desire to start a family becomes a central focus. While using a traditional calendar method to track and guess when ovulation occurs might work for some, those who suffer with fertility issues know that alone doesn’t do the trick. Many doctors recommend better tracking for accuracy.

Thanks to technological advancements, women now have apps and tools at their fingertips to make important decisions and track their reproductive health and can even generate and save important information.

One company focused on creating mobile apps that specifically empower women to better understand their bodies by tracking important data is Bongmi. The company’s first product is called Femometer and is a smart fertility thermometer that can be used along with a dedicated app on a smartphone to monitor a woman’s temperature and analyze the data to best predict ovulation – i.e. the best time to make a baby.

This app and thermometer is not only something that can be used by couples trying to make a baby, but the accuracy also works well to prevent pregnancy or even just keep track of general health in a smarter, more precise way.

“Having a baby and growing your family should be a time of joy and celebration, not one of stress, worry and anxiety. Femometer decodes what your body is doing at any time during your cycle so you are educated about the best time to try to conceive,” said Adam Lou, co-founder & CEO, Bongmi.  “For women that aren’t looking to get pregnant, Femometer helps them understand their reproductive health so they can make more informed choices and decisions. Our goal is to empower every woman at every stage of her lifecycle with the knowledge and data she needs to live a healthier, happier life.”

But with better data, more accurate tracking and these tools at their fingertips, at least some couples struggling to conceive can take some of the pressure and guesswork out of the equation.

The small lightweight thermometer is available in purple, pink, white o blue and measures Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and then syncs that data to the users their Android or iOS app. Femometer will be available in the Spring but interested consumers can already pre-order for prices starting prices at only $49 on Indiegogo. 

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