New Path, New Plans Outlined for Ingenu


In this age when more and more machines are taking over thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s necessary to have some help in making sure they’re all running in sync. That’s where Ingenu comes in.

The San Diego-based company bills itself as bringing “connectivity exclusively to machines”, and they’re spot on in that assessment.

“Ingenu has forged new paths since its inception; we have innovation at our core,” the company notes on its website. “Backed by the true pioneers of wireless, we know what we’re doing. Our depth of technical and industry knowledge is unmatched in the M2M/IoT space.”

The company started as “OnRamp” back in 2008, but even then knew what it was aiming for.

“Our purpose at that point was to build private networks,” said Ingenu CEO John Horn, being interviewed recently at ITEXPO in Ft. Lauderdale. “OnRamp created a new technology called RPMA, which was purpose-built for machines to communicate. We now have 38 private networks running around the world, and are focusing on a whole new strategy of public machine networks globally.”

Horn was then asked how RPMA was different from other connectivity technologies that people are talking about using for IoT.

“It’s a machine network built from the ground up,” he said. “We own all the IP, we were founded and created by some of the people that had a hand in the creation of the cellphone industry. We’re set up so people can deploy a machine and forget about it.”

Looking ahead, Horn was then asked what Ingenu’s strategy at large was.

“We’re in the process of building a public network that we call the ‘machine network’ in the U.S.,” he explained. “We are very aggressively going to launch 30 markets in the U.S. this year; we also have a global licensing strategy.”

So it would seem that Ingenu is well placed to benefit from the ongoing expansion of the IoT. That would also help explain the company’s name. As Horn noted, “Ingenu means ‘Simply Genius.’”

To see Horn’s full interview with TMC’s Paula Bernier, check out the interview below. 

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