JMG Systems Deploys Accelerite Aepona IoT Platform


Accelerite, a provider of infrastructure software has announced that Northern Ireland’s JMG Systems, an electrical manufacturing and services company, has selected its Aepona IoT platform for deployment.

JMG Systems has developed a new cellular and satellite-enabled remote monitoring and control module for its range of control panel products, and Accelerite’s Aepona IoT cloud-based platform will be used to connect these modules in the field.

“We want a partner to not only provide us with a future-proof IoT platform, but one we could depend upon to work closely with us to understand the specific challenges and opportunities within our industry segment and implement customer-centric IoT solutions,” said Graeme Roberts, Head of sales and marketing, JMG Systems. “We believe the combination of its platform-based approach, together with expertise in solution design and delivery and strong operational capabilities, will generate real business value for JMG and our customers.”

Accelerite will also provide design and delivery for the end-to-end solution, including IoT platform service logic, web user interfaces, data ingestion and processing, and user management. The company will integrate Aepona with components of Amazon’s AWS IoT offering for device registration, message routing and data processing and storage.

“The Internet of Things has the potential to transform businesses by opening up new services-based revenue streams, and JMG is in a strong position to become a key player in remote control and monitoring services for the heavy industrial machinery market,” said Nara Rajagopalan, CEO, Accelerite. “We look forward to partnering with and supporting JMG over the long term as they embark on this energizing new phase of their growth.”

This kind of system of things, handling the entire stack of IoT implementations in one fell swoop is a sign of the future for the industry. Let’s look to more such partnerships in the coming year. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editorial Director

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