OpenWorld: Oracle is Dropping All Sorts of IoT Cloud Knowledge


It’s Oracle OpenWorld this week, and the event is dropping news like it’s hot. Here are today’s highlights.

Intelligent Applications: Oracle Unveils Cloud Strategy
Oracle has unveiled its strategy for Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud offerings that will blend third-party data with real-time analytics and behavioral inputs to create Cloud Applications that adapt and learn. The desired end result will be intelligent applications that will automatically offer individualized recommended actions and streamline business tasks.

Oracle calls these smart software solutions Adaptive Intelligent Applications. They are based on insights from Oracle’s Data Cloud collection of more than 5 billion consumer and business profiles and use web-scale data and advanced data science to learn and ingest data about an organization’s users and behaviors to deliver targeted information to customers and employees.

“A company’s data is its most valuable weapon. To remain competitive today, companies must access their information in real time to intelligently forecast and grow,” said Steve Miranda, EVP, applications development, Oracle. “Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications leverage anonymized information from our extensive Data Cloud to optimize existing Cloud Application functionality. When this is combined with a company's own data, we are able to provide unparalleled customized insights to help enhance business performance.”

Oracle Unveils New Oracle Cloud Features
The Oracle Cloud Platform is already in use by many companies, from small businesses to enterprise-level. The company has announced several new featured and capabilities designed to enhance the Platforms’ usability.

They include comprehensive tools for all application development models like simplified migration and extension of enterprise workloads in the Cloud, tools for Cloud native, and low-code development. There are nineteen new Cloud Services, including: Container, Oracle Identity, Oracle Internet of Things, Big Data, and Oracle Analytics.

“Oracle Cloud Platform enables developers, IT, and line of business leaders to easily leverage the Cloud for any workload,” said Thomas Kurian, president, product development, Oracle. “Oracle Cloud Platform offers an integrated offering across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, because that’s what the enterprise customer demands. Oracle makes it easy to run our open standards based Platform as a Service in the public cloud with high performance and availability.”

Marquee Customers: HSBC, eHarmony and Lyft Use Oracle Cloud
Oracle Cloud is helping some of the leading companies get into the cloud, including Boingo Wireless, SUPERVALU, and Telefonica UK. Well, it looks like a few more big players are talking about joining the team and how they’ve been transforming business practices through Oracle Cloud. ClubCorp CIO Patrick Benson and HSBC Global Services CFO Joanna Fielding will share their stories on stage with Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. Some of the others include Airbnb, American Airlines, American Express, Arby's, Coach, The Clorox Company, Comcast, DocuSign, eHarmony, Facebook, FedEx, Gap, Goldman Sachs,  Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels, IDEA Cellular, JCPenney, Lyft, McGraw-Hill Education, MoneyGram, Orange, Pandora Media, NBCUniversal, Nintendo of America, SGS, Skanska, Sur La Table, T-Mobile, Tippett Studio, Twitter, United Airlines, Vodafone, Volkswagen AG and Wells Fargo.

“Our customers see significant advantage in a comprehensive, integrated suite of Cloud capabilities across all layers of the Cloud,” said Thomas Kurian, president, Oracle. “But where we really differentiate is by integrating the layers in unprecedented ways. There is tremendous power in that integration as it provides customers with unparalleled choice, flexibility and security.”

Edited by Alicia Young

Editorial Director

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