Telit Showcases Best IoT Practices at IoT Evolution EXPO


Beyond the IoT Prototype to Real-World Scalable Deployment

A deeply connected world is where we’re headed with the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT). This new world offers incredible opportunities that are already beginning to unfold. At IoT Evolution EXPO this week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, collocated with ITEXPO, Telit Communications PLC showcased real-life IoT success stories and best practices from leading brands, like SAP and Yokogawa. These global businesses have partnered with Telit, a global provider of wireless machine-to-machine technology, to take advantage of the IoT to improve business outcomes.

As business and IT leaders across industries search for new and innovative ways to service and delight customers, the IoT is poised to revolutionize products and markets and have a profound impact on a society where sensing, computation and communication are seamlessly integrated.

Telit believes the collective measurements, calculations and application possibilities enabled by this new Internet frontier are unprecedented. Its value-added services, including connectivity cloud and PaaS application enablement, are helping 100s of global companies achieve the full potential of the technology.

Here’s a synopsis of IoT best practices from four Telit partners showcased at the company’s IoT Evolution EXPO showcase:

SAP: According to SAP’s IoT & Big Data Analytic Chief Support Architect Andrew LeBlanc, SAP has employed a standard IoT transformation strategy for years, completing many IoT projects for clients across the globe. Its HANA Cloud Platform for the IoT automates processes at the core and connects to almost anything at the edge of the network.

Now, SAP’s IoT portfolio, named Leonardo, combines adaptive applications, big data applications and connectivity in packaged solutions across line-of-business and industry use cases ranging from connected products, assets and infrastructure to vehicle fleets, markets and people. 

With SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Leonardo offers intelligent IoT applications, business services for development, technical services for processing high-velocity data and an intelligent edge to process information at the device level. SAP is supporting these efforts with its new jump-start enablement program for Leonardo. Available worldwide, the program is intended to help customers connect the emerging world of intelligent devices with people and processes to achieve tangible business outcomes.

These endeavors are helped along by SAP’s Device Management for IoT by Telit, which leverages Telit’s deviceWISE platform to collect, transform and transmit real-time IoT data from any device or machine—anywhere. This enables companies to fully integrate “things” with Web-based solutions, mobile apps and enterprise systems.

Tech Mahindra: As companies explore ways to leverage the IoT to improve operational efficiencies and drive new business models, many struggle with developing IoT projects on their own. Telit and Tech Mahindra Ltd. are jointly addressing this concern by offering clients IoT solution consulting, solution development and operations that reduce the complexity, risk, cost and time to market of custom in-house projects.

Together, Telit and Tech Mahindra are pursuing new business opportunities across many markets and industries, such as IoT horizontal and industrial IoT (IIot), around the world. The Indian multinational provider of information technology, networking technology solutions and business process outsourcing to the telecommunications industry is integrating Telit’s portfolio of IoT products and services with its system integration capability to develop end-to-end enterprise solutions.

“This collaboration will address the broad IoT solutions with particular emphasis on the industrial internet and Industry 4.0 programs of our manufacturing customers across automotive, aerospace, medical, discrete and hi-tech manufacturing verticals,” said Karthikeyan Natarajan, senior vice president and global head of engineering services at Tech Mahindra.

The collaboration will help organizations transform their businesses—from ideation generation to system architecture, to proof of concept development, to full commercial deployments that are integrated with their existing enterprise systems.

Cisco: Cisco’s IoT Fog Computing Sr. Product Manager Chandra Venkatapathy believes that connecting and managing your connected devices will drive positive business results—create new revenue opportunities and lower operational costs. In many use cases, however, traditional models of connectivity have presented concerns for clients, especially in gaining data fidelity.

The real world presents data constraints and cloud infrastructure capacity limitations. As soon as data is collected and accessed in real time, the volume explodes. Connectivity costs kick in if the data source is far removed, says Venkatapathy. Cisco’s single pane of glass is set up to help engineers manage their applications running on edge devices through the life cycle.

Its partnership with Telit enables rapid access to a broad range of industrial machinery data with security and scale. Telit’s deviceWISE Asset Gateway Software and cloud-based Application Enablement Platform (AEP) turns Cisco industrial network infrastructure into an intelligent Industry 4.0 on-ramp to the IIoT.

Cisco aims to drive digital transformation leveraging the IoT. It helped Mazak Corp., a leader in the manufacture of advanced technology solutions, develop its Mazak SmartBox technology, a standards-based method to securely connect and derive value from the rich, raw data in its machine tools. The Mazak iSMART Factory concept centers on open connectivity and the Internet, and provides the highest level of security possible.

Now, with Telit edge software, management and SI partners, Cisco customers have the flexibility to choose the most optimal IoT gateways and to deploy connected machine use cases with confidence.

Yokogawa: Mits Sagae is the marketing HQ Head of Architecture Development Department California Business Development Center for Yokogawa Electric Corp., a leader in energy production. He spoke to the challenges of exposing critical assets to the Internet. “It takes a special company to take that leap beyond traditional process points and bring in other contextual points,” he stated.

His company’s partnership with Telit seeks to help clients overcome performance issues and prevent performance degradation in IoT use cases. The collaboration has resulted in a new IIoT architecture that leverages both companies’ Industry 4.0 expertise to transform Yokogawa’s business model into a connected future, creating new value for its customers.

Yokogawa, an established in 1915 in Tokyo, aims to leverage the IoT and IIoT to improve management of the manufacturing floor and the supply chain from production to distribution.

Through collaboration with Telit, Yokogawa will be able to provide an end-to-end sensor to cloud solution composed of sensing, control and cloud-based processing. Telit’s cloud platform will act as an industrial-class device on-ramp to Yokogawa’s managed cloud architecture, ensuring bi-directional device compatibility and control with a host of industrial sensors.

 “The Internet of Things has a tremendous ability to transform businesses and industries,” said Fred Yentz, CEO of Telit IoT Platforms. “Telit is working with forward-looking and innovative organizations around the world to harness that potential.”

Edited by Alicia Young
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