Top Six High Demand IoT Employee Skills


B2B spending on IoT technologies, solutions, and apps alone is expected to reach $267B globally by 2020, according to the recent market analysis by the Boston Consulting Group.  With this increased spending, we’ve seen an increase in demand from businesses looking for candidates with various IoT skills in the past six months. Based on our IT placements, independent research, and external sources, six skills have emerged as the most in-demand IoT skills in the marketplace.

Machine Learning
At the top of the list for IoT skills is machine learning. Businesses across industries want to take full advantage of the data IoT devices produce by identifying actionable insights. To do so, they need experts skilled in machine learning; individuals capable of building in algorithms that allow AI-driven systems to change when presented with new data.

The ongoing Internet of Things explosion is exposing companies of all sizes to a wealth of data they’ve never had before. There’s no question that mid- to large enterprise businesses need experts skilled in extracting that data and crafting algorithms that help deliver insights and analytics from the overwhelming data sets.  Because of that, machine learning has experienced a 220% increase in demand over the past year and holds steady as the most in-demand IoT skill.

No surprise that cybersecurity skills make this list. Remember the internet outage of 2016 that affected the entire U.S.? It was a direct result of millions of IoT devices infected with a specific malware strain. That outage alerted companies investing in IoT that enhanced cybersecurity must be a top priority.

As mid- and large enterprise companies develop and produce more vulnerable, connected devices, the threat of cyber attacks on IoT devices rises. Companies, regardless of size, want to ensure their IoT devices and stores of sensitive IoT data are secure. To do so, they are looking to hire tech professionals with experience in security infrastructure and security engineering.

A newer skill we’ve seen a surge in demand for among our clients is AutoCAD, design software for engineering applications that allows for late-stage design changes in various product development processes.  AutoCAD software is widely  used in the design of  IoT devices, including in the like personalization and hardware standardization process.

AutoCAD expertise  are important in the development ofcomplex IoT devices that are gaining ground in the B2B space, as more companies recognize the ROI that enhanced IoT device development can provide. AutoCAD also allows for quick and efficient changes to IoT application engineering. Since speed is everything when it comes to new product deployment and post-deployment solutions, it’s understandable why demand is high for this skill.

Most small to mid-size companies don’t have the server capability that IoT devices require to store the data they generate, and even some large organizations choose a partial cloud model to offset their server usagel. Instead, these businesses are looking for professionals with experience in the top cloud-based solutions available, like AWS or Azure, in order to have enough processing power to analyze the data and derive insights.

Adaptable NoSQL databases are also crucial to the integration of IoT data into back-end infrastructures. A NoSQL (originally referring to "non SQL", "non relational" or "not only SQL") database provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data which is modeled in means other than the tabular relations used in relational databases.  Because of the popularity of NoSQL in IoT solutions, we have seen high demand for those skills.

Data Visualization
Effective visualization of the data collected by IoT devices is instrumental in uncovering hidden insights and accurately presenting the wealth of data collected. Along with NoSQL and cloud skills, data visualization skills are in top demand for data-driven roles focusing on IoT.

For small to mid-size businesses, demand for Tableau Software expertise is also rising as these companies look to implement more effective data visualization of their IoT data with an affordable and UX-friendly solution. This technology allows data-driven experts to more clearly see and understand the data most valuable to their specific business functions. It also provides the ability to dig deeper into this data with the accompanying BI (business intelligence) functionality. As such, we’ve seen a rise in demand from small to mid-size companies for advanced expertise in Tableau.

In Conclusion
There is a growing shortage of qualified IoT talent as connectivity spreads to more devices and more uses. The six in-demand IoT skills we’ve identified will experience even higher demand and higher salaries as  more businesses across a variety of industries to invest in IoT products.

About the Author: Stephen Zafarino is the Senior Director of Recruiting for Mondo, the largest national staffing agency specializing exclusively in high-end, niche IT and Digital Marketing talent. He helps clients overcome their staffing challenges by providing the best talent the market can supply. His career has focused on creating solutions and developing methods to optimize business processes around staffing and identifying talent. In his current role, Stephen is responsible for overseeing Mondo’s Recruiting department and maintaining the company's presence at the forefront of the industry.

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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