IoT Evolution Speakers: Phil Attfield Speaks Out


The IoT Evolution Expo is the only Internet of Things industry event focused on Enterprise-level strategic planning and engineering-lead solutions to IoT and IIoT challenges. We have invited a world-class speaking faculty to join us and help provide our conference delegates with the critical business intelligence they need to formulate strategy for the next year.

We reached out to our speakers and asked them for a preview for their sessions to give you a little taste of what to expect at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas July 17 to 20 for the IoT Evolution Expo. To register now, click here.

Phil Attfield is Co-founder & CEO of Sequitur Labs, where he uses his strong background in computing, networking, security and systems modeling and his more than 20 years of industry experience in large enterprises and small entrepreneurial firms to help companies build strategy for IoT. He started his career at Nortel as a member of its scientific staff and developed software tools and in-house products for modeling, synthesis and verification of telecom and network equipment hardware. Later, Phil founded Signal 9 Solutions, a firm that pioneered PC/desktop firewalls and created the Conseal brand of security products. He next joined the Phantom Works/R&D division of The Boeing Company where he led the team responsible for the development of a large-scale security policy and management framework.

In his session IoT Security: Core Principles and Trends, which is part of our IoT Security Certification program, Attfield will introduce the key concepts that are needed to understand what is required for effective IoT security strategy. 

IoT Evolution World: What will be some key points you plan to hit in your session?

Phil Attfield: What are the device lifecycle considerations related to implementing security? What are the core security principles that should be embraced by all device makers? Why hardware based isolation technologies are critical. The limitations of a software-only approach.

IoTEW: What new insights can attendees expect to take home from your sessions?

PA: Robust security technologies are available. They must be made usable and easily accessible. A connected device is not an island. Security must propagate beyond the device. Devices must be trustworthy by design – what does this actually mean?

IoTEW: Can you identify a few important trends influencing your sector of the IoT which will shape the path of the industry? Why these?

PA: The end of “component” selling - Customers are seeking solutions particularly related to security. This is driving collaboration between hardware and software companies with a focus on solution selling. Silicon vendors must expand their understanding of end user scenarios not just device makers.

Security is not a part, it’s a strategy – How security is perceived is changing amongst device makers. They are realizing that they must create a strategy across devices rather than dealing with it on a device by device basis.

Software is eating the IoT/embedded industry – Value is shifting to software. So is cost among customers. Better tools are required to improve time to market.

IoTEW: What are the biggest challenges facing the IoT? What are some important tools needed to overcome them?

PA: Security – Needs to be more accessible.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

Editorial Director

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