IoT Evolution Expo Faculty Speaks: Mike Brown of ISARA on Blockchain

By Ken Briodagh December 28, 2017

The IoT Evolution Expo is coming up fast, and we interviewed our speaking faculty to get a bit of a preview of what to expect from the conference.

Here, we spoke to Mike Brown, CTO and co-founder, ISARA Corporation, who will be a featured speaker in the following session during the week of education:

Blockchain Identity & Security

Read on for his thoughts:

IoT Evolution: What will be some key points you plan to hit in your session?
Brown: I plan on focusing on the need for thoughtfulness in considering whether Blockchain/Distributed Ledger technology is appropriate for a particular problem a business is looking to solve.

IoTE: What new insights can attendees expect to take home from your session?
MB: I will focus on the challenges that Quantum Computers bring to ICT technology and Blockchain/DLT in particular and how attendees can start to get ready.

IoTE: Can you identify a few important trends influencing your sector of the IoT which will shape the path of the industry? Why these?
MB: Software updates and the need for authenticity are certainly important concepts for IoT. In the automotive industry they have long design cycles and long in-field support requirements which are a perfect storm for a solid SOTA strategy.

IoTE: What are the biggest challenges facing the IoT? What are some important tools needed to overcome them?
MB: I think support is one of the most import challenges for IoT. Users expect an IoT product to continue to work even if the manufacturer no longer wants to support the service. There is obvious tension there.

IoTE: Which vertical markets have the most to gain from IoT implementation? Which are leading and which are still behind the adoption curve?
MB: Automotive is one because of all of the benefits to them in software updates, V2X, etc.

IoTE: What session(s) (other than yours) are you most looking forward to attending at the Expo? Why?
MB: I’m interested in the telehealth and other health orientated use cases associated with IoT.

To join Mike Brown and all our other speakers at the IoT Evolution Expo, January 22 to 25 at the Disney Contemporary Resort in Orlando, Florida, click here to register now.

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