Richard Soley Joins Rocket Wagon Venture Studios Advisory Board


Rocket Wagon Venture Studios recently announced that Richard Soley, Ph.D., is the second member to join its Advisory Board. Soley, who serves as Chairman and CEO of Object Management Group, Inc. (OMG) and Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), is a highly-regarded leader whose contributions to the development and advancement of the connected cyber-physical world began in 1989 when he established OMG and drove the world’s leading standardization process and the original CORBA specification.

Soley marks his 30th year as Chairman and CEO of OMG, while actively driving two of the most influential cloud and IoT non-profit organizations in the world.

“I couldn’t be happier with Richard’s joining of our Board of Advisors,” said Don DeLoach, founder and CEO, Rocket Wagon Venture Studios. “Richard is an icon in the industry. People who understand the progression to the cyber-physical world understand Richard has been a key player in this progression. Having Richard join us is a fantastic endorsement of what we see as our compelling mission for all of us at Rocket Wagon Venture Studios, and we are honored he will be a part of our team. We look forward to Richard’s counsel and collaboration as we move forward together on this journey.”

In 1996, Soley led the effort to move into vertical market standards (starting with healthcare, finance, telecommunications and manufacturing) and modeling, leading first to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and later the Model Driven Architecture (MDA). He also led the effort to establish the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Consortium in January 2007, leading to the launch of the Business Ecology Initiative (BEI) in 2009. In addition, Soley is the Executive Director of the Cloud Standards Customer Council, helping end users transition to cloud computing and direct requirements and priorities for cloud standards throughout the industry. In 2014, Soley helped found the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and serves as Executive Director of the organization.

“It’s an honor to contribute to Rocket Wagon Venture Studios mission,” Soley said. “We are at an inflection point, and Don and his team are rightly focused on how to move IoT and Industrial IoT together with the digitalization of enterprises, organizations and governments, creating demonstrable value. Whether developing solutions that improve life in urban areas, improve the planet and environmental ecosystems, or improve safety and security, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment where innovation meets commercialization, and value creation benefits investors, innovators and society. Rocket Wagon Venture Studios mission is aimed at the heart of how we now scale innovation to solve real world problems.”

Last week, the company announced the formation of its Advisory Board, and appointment of its first member, Max Wolff, the Managing Partner of Multivariate strategic consulting services. The RWVS Board of Advisors will ultimately extend to six members and assist in providing a varied set of insights and support for the executive team. Subsequent announcements reportedly will be made over the coming weeks.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

Editorial Director

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