Iotics Expands Senior Management to Drive Digital Twin


Iotics, a digital twin technology company, has expanded its global leadership team with four new executive appointments, according to a recent release. The company said that these appointments are designed to drive the momentum from the launch of the Iotic website.

Iotics’ patented digital data twin technology, operating environment and event analytics are being used by Rolls-Royce Power Systems and several other customers, according to the announcement.

The new appointments are: John Lusty as VP Engineering, Shadi Mahassel as VP Product, Dave Arkell as CFO, and Michael Harverson as VP Sales. The company said they will be tasked with scaling, rapid adoption and sustained growth across markets, including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, utilities and transport.

John Lusty, VP, Engineering
With experience of leading technical teams spanning EMEA, the US and Canada, at Facebook, Lusty founded the first Oculus engineering office outside of the US in London and led the team that built React 360, the core technology that powers Oculus 1st party apps and much of Oculus's Web VR content. He joined FiveAI in 2019 to set up its London Office, where he oversaw all aspects of the autonomous vehicle technology stack and tooling.

Shadi Mahassel, VP, Product
Based in Portugal, Shadi Mahassel is a serial founder, advisor and investor and was co-founder of SURFnCODE, a successful product studio for early-stage tech companies. Prior to this he was a VP of product at Veniam, building solutions critical to the future of mobility and smart cities. He was also principal group program manager at Microsoft, leading the development of Microsoft Connectivity applications for consumers and the enterprise.

Dave Arkell, CFO
Prior to joining Iotics, Dave Arkell was VP Finance at Elastic, created in 2012 by the team behind Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene open source projects. Arkell has previous experience at Talend, Incomm and SpringSource, having worked extensively in the enterprise software sector in California.

Michael Harverson, VP, Sales
Leading the expansion of Iotics worldwide, Michael Harverson is an experienced global business development and sales strategy leader for ISVs, OEMs and SaaS businesses, combining strong business acumen with an in-depth understanding of technology and how to position it. Harverson joins Iotics as a successful start-up advisor focusing on the B2B enterprise market. Prior to this Michael led the OEM (embedded) and IoT sales team for EMEA at VMWare.

“With the world facing a state of crisis, these new appointments and the launch of the new go-to-market, make a strong statement about the future of the digital twins market and our positive vision of a post-COVID-19 landscape for these technologies,” said Robin Brattel, CEO, Iotics. “This team is well positioned to deliver transformative change and our recent hires are already contributing to Iotics’ commitment in these difficult times to work with governments, hospitals and other health service providers in the provision of digital data twins that can play an important role in supporting front line staff and practitioners in the fight against COVID-19."

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